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8/19/2003 2:00pm,
What differences are there between thai and burmese boxing? They seem pretty similiar.

8/19/2003 3:53pm,
(I don't know how good that page is, but it has something)

Head butts allowed, no gloves, just wrappings. The techniques probably are mostly the same.

8/19/2003 3:58pm,
Here's more info:

So apparently it isn't a professional sport, but festival entertainment. (What's more entertaining that beating up your friends?)

8/19/2003 6:41pm,
In my opinion the Burmese boxers would most likely to win. They have more throws than MT. The same with Khymer kick boxing. In Khymer the hand position are slightly different and close to prevent your opponent from driving an upper elbow or downward elbow (One arm slightly in front of the other arm). The conditioning techniques in Khymer is different than that of MT. Theres more emphasis on building large calouses etc.

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8/19/2003 6:46pm,
According to my friend/instructor Khymer kickboxing is the original form of kick boxing and the most complete and that Burma, Thailand are all watered down derivatives of Khymer kick boxing. He says that Thailand and the other south east Asian countries were at one time all part of the Khymer empire. I dont know if thats his bias or not. So keep that in mind.
In Khymer theres also advance grappling techniques with pressure point attacks etc.

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8/19/2003 10:05pm,
My not so educated opinion would make it appear to me to be very similar. Basic techniques, good conditioning, all about application - just less rules in competition.

Basically, GOOD stuff.

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8/20/2003 5:18am,
These village people can fight. We better not teach them any bjj.

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8/20/2003 8:57am,
Do Khymer still exist? (yes martial arts do die, look at Lua). If it exist how common is it and where in USA is it usually teach?

I won't be surprise if Muay Thai is watered down because it is a mainly sport martial art.

It is a rat eat rat world.

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8/20/2003 11:53am,
Fucking nguoi cambot. Listen if you ask a khmer who originated muay thai he'll say khmer. Ask a thai he'll say thai. Ask a viet he'll say it's a ripoff of viet kickboxing (Vo tu do).

The fact is that a form of kickboxing using the shin kick, elbows and knees is common to ALL southeast asian countries, even the phillipines.

8/20/2003 12:18pm,
To quote my self: "I dont know if thats his bias or not. So keep that in mind."

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8/22/2003 9:53am,
Some Philippino kickboxing pics: http://www.geocities.com/Colosseum/Mound/6717/


That style, Yaw Yan, isn't very old, though, it's from the 1970s; don't know if there is an older variant.

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8/22/2003 2:00pm,
Some of these are rather recent, though their village festival versions have probably been going on a lot longer.

Freddy: I was agreeing with you, it probably is his own prejudice. I studied under an ex vo-tu-do champ for a long time and he claimed the vietnamese invented southeast asian kickboxing. National pride DEFINETELY figures into this.

Let's list the regional variations.

Muay thai: Most well known, most rules, emphasiis on knees

Lethwei: Least proffesionaly organized, more headbutts, part of bando which includes grappling.

Yaw yan: Apperantly more kicks

Muay Khmer: More emphasis on toughening shins, forearms, but weak on conditioning due to lack of food.

8/22/2003 9:27pm,
I have haerd of at least a few Thai vs. Burmese events under Burmese rules (at least they wore handwraps) the Thai's more or less dominated though, even though the Burmese were better versed in fighting with takedowns and headbutts, the Thai's do more actuall fighting, at the end of the day, the Burmese were just farmers, who fought for fun, I'll bet it changes in the future though, as Lethwei gets bigger.

Oh yeah, there was also this USA vs. Myanmar (Burma) event

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8/22/2003 11:02pm,
Its all the same, jeez. Just diff rules and constraints - regional differences.

Someone go get those takedowns and headbutts and pass the techniques around, please? thanks.

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8/23/2003 5:39am,
hedgehogey - I just wanted to apoligize for my reaction. It wasnt called for.

Thanks for your insightful comments. Good stuff.

8/23/2003 1:51pm,
No problem.