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3/29/2007 4:23pm,
When I started in taekwon do I didn't know about all these federations.As I progressed I learned about wtf and itf.I learned my school and style fall under wtf.Then I was told by people of itf that because of my wtf affilliation I can't do this and that and I fight a certain way.Bullshit!
Having all these federations and associations is just bullshit.If everybody is doing the exact same techniques then why the seperation?At most there should be 2.But instead of at least claiming a certain style of tkd,most just state what federation there under.Does anyone else practice tkd however they want and not realy care about federations?And does anbody else know what kwan they practice?

3/29/2007 5:17pm,
there's different federations becuase sparring and forms have changed.

if there should ever be a time when someone who is in the WTF and decides to create his own forms and rules for sparring, the WTF will not honor it.

therefore, creates another federation and a different following. different things will be emphasized, and different rules will be made. This is why I believe there are so many branches and "federations".

but in the end, its all TKD.

3/29/2007 5:19pm,
enjoy that post, it will probably be the last serious response that you will recieve on your TKD discussions.

there is plenty of bullshit in TKD alone, federations is just a small, small part of the bullshit that is the TKD community.

3/29/2007 5:46pm,
answer is: money

The answer is almost always: money

Rock Ape
3/29/2007 7:21pm,
Aikido seems to generate a lot of federations, organisations and associations - Alot of the time EGO of the individuals starting their up on their own has something to do with it.

Lu Tze
3/29/2007 7:34pm,
answer is: money

The answer is almost always: moneyWINNER!

3/29/2007 9:09pm,
Good points.There is a lot of bullshit in tkd in general,I just can't figure out why.I love what I've learned but I've seen so many tkd practitioners just making fools of themselves it makes me wonder what the hell they're doing.Sometimes blackbelts come to our school when they move from elsewhere,and though we've gotten some good new people,we've also gotten some shitty ones.The wierd thing is the shitty people with no power or aggression say that our practices are bad and they eventually don't come back.
Once a 20 something year old woman wearing an ITF uniform started coming to our school she was a 2nd dan.She stated that "Yeah,your students have good speed and power but their technique sucks."Eventually one of our bbs made her cry and we never saw her again.Is this a problem associated with the narrow minded view of those who devote themselves exclusively to a single federation?