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8/18/2003 3:27pm,
I have been thinking about adding this type of program to our Martial Arts school. Does anyone here have a Cardio Kickboxing program & has it been successful? Waht advice could you give me? and how have the students taking Martial Arts feel about the program?

I have heard mixed reviews about it and some of the people I have talked with have told me not to do it - that it's lame.
It still seems to be popular.

I would appreciate hearing everyones point of view.


8/18/2003 3:31pm,
It is an excellent exercise. If it adds to your revenues while not effecting your regular classes, then why pass it up?


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8/18/2003 3:33pm,
we have a cardio (not kickboxing class)...i think it is good to enhance endurance, but you may attract other people not so interested in MA...it could go both ways.

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8/18/2003 3:43pm,
It's dorky, but there's no denying it's a good work out. The only thing you really are putting on the line is your dignity.


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8/18/2003 3:47pm,
Thanks for the feedback

? for Osiris - Why do you think it's LAME? I'm just wondering.

Bewatching you
8/18/2003 3:51pm,
NO. Don't do it. I feel that a cardio program is ok as long as they are being taught by qualified people. however, you have to watch your students, so they don't get injured. The cardio kickboxing leaves to much room for injury, unless you are willing to develop something that you feel would be safe.

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Sam Browning
8/18/2003 4:07pm,
I was in the cardio kickboxing program years ago at the Villari Studios of Self Defense. Dispite the weak points of this Kempo chain this was one program that they did very well.

They cared enough to spend the money to buy a whole bunch of wave bags. The adjustable ones on water filled plastic stands. They had a cookbook of about twenty five combinations and were very good about first demonstrating the combination on a person for visualization (non-contact) then doing the combination in the air for a part of the class, and then everyone worked the combination on their bag (or two people shared a bag)

I was suprised to see that some of the houswives actually learned how to throw a punch to the bag with a boxing glove within a couple of weeks in the program and the instructors kept it light and did not pretend that they were teaching combat. Everyone used 14 oz gloves, or those chuck norris hand wraps, you could also wear light sneakers in class though my memory is shakey on this point, you may want to prohibit this to prevent wear and tear on the bags.

Some of the people in the class ended up in the traditional program but the instructors had a fairly light recruiting touch. There were discounts to enable one to take more then one program at a time. Finally all the hand strikes were from boxing, no ridgehands or anything like that, though some of the kicking combinations were a bit too complicated for my taste.

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Little Idea
8/18/2003 4:15pm,
IMO it attracts a crowd thats detrimental to the martial arts enviorment.

Yeah, like Chicks. . .

8/18/2003 4:19pm,
I think cardio-kickboxing is great. Every red-blooded guy should think so. Think about it:

Go to a BJJ class and roll around with another sweaty guy on a mat or...

Doing kata and strikes in a silly, shapeless uniform or...

Hopping around to music around attractive, fit women in halter tops who automatically think you are a better guy for not being so insecure that you can't take cardio-kickboxing.

Sure, the BJJ is better for fighting, the TMA are better for impressing the layman, but the cardio-kickboxing is infinitely better for getting laid.

deus ex machina
8/18/2003 4:25pm,
Sure, the BJJ is better for fighting, the TMA are better for impressing the layman, but the cardio-kickboxing is infinitely better for getting laid.



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Deadpan Scientist
8/18/2003 4:39pm,
It's free money. Just like having a kids class from 3-5:00pm

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8/18/2003 6:38pm,
I take it you don't like the idea of Martial Art Birthday parties either.

Deadpan Scientist
8/18/2003 7:06pm,
Martial arts sleepovers would be cool for little kids....and grapplers.....

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Fisting Kittens
8/18/2003 7:16pm,
If you want some free money then I agree its a good idea. But I also agree that it will fill up your school with non-martial arts type people and ensure that a large percentage of serious practitioners never even look at your school. It all depends on what you want and what you care about. I for one generally won't even look at a school that offers cardio kickboxing and I know many people that feel the same way. TO ME it just screams McDojo like nothing else.

Also if you want to add on to the free money of the 3:30 to 5:00 kids class, then its always a great idea to buy a van and get your school name painted on it and then offer after school pick-up. Parents dump their brats in your program just so they won't have to leave work early to pick them up. You will make so much money you'll have to quit teaching to have time to count it.

Sam Browning
8/18/2003 7:26pm,
I do have to say with all the money grubbing acttivities we've seen, in my opinion cardo kickboxing is relatively innocous. If Punisher was writing here he would point out that such activities help fund the facility for more serious students. it sure as heck beats selling 'black belt' and 'master' programs to the rubes.

To make sure that your students get their money's worth please make it so they are hitting the wavemasters for 40-50% of the class, hitting something solid forces the newbees in a positive way to develop good technique. The other thing you could do is if a student spends six months in the cardo class and they want to transfer to the regular program they can get an expedited yellow belt, after all they will already presumably know some techniques.

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8/18/2003 7:31pm,
If you think about it, having a Cardio Kickboxing class could not only be an extra source of income, but you could use it to actually slip in some real technique.

I'd like to see a cardio grappling class. Now that would be a hell of a moneymaker if it was billed correctly.