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3/14/2007 10:11am,
Hi everybody.

Been practicing various martial arts the last 14 years, and are currently training MMA and Submission Wrestling on mostly a recreational basis(allthough, I compete now and then in SW). I have been visiting this page for a couple of years now, but haven't posted in the forums, untill now. :)

Registered primarly to ask if anyone have checked out http://vikingfighting.com/ , and know wether it's a parody/joke or bullshido of the worst kind. I'm not really sure, but leaning to the belief that it's a joke... Anyone who knows?

Check this thread for example: http://vikingfighting.com/ForumThread.aspx?tid=247&ps=25

3/14/2007 10:12am,
BULL RUSH ON LobsterStyle!!!

3/15/2007 9:24pm,
Welcome to bullshido. Thanks for the comedy:qq:

3/15/2007 10:14pm,
Welcome to bullshido. Thanks for the comedy:qq:

My favorite, the interview.

3/15/2007 10:20pm,
oh, and the "rape the rapist" course offered by vikingfighting is a good hoot too.