View Full Version : Please!! Help Save GoldenJonas' Liver!!!

3/08/2007 10:14pm,
The learned scientist at Bullshido Labs assigned to me the pleasure of testing the various forms of legal liquid crack that have found their way into every gas station, 7-11, Cumberland Farms, Circle-K, and Kwicky-Mart across this great nation.

Now, you too have an opportunity to serve this noble cause for every mixed martial artist, combat athlete, late night college or high school student, and random ninja who is probably staking out your parent's house right now and needs to ensure he stays awake and doesn't fall out of the tree outside of your mom's window.

I have perused most of the known "energy drink" review sites out there and I have yet to find one that provides detailed nutritional info AS WELL AS taste test testimonials. We need to provide both. A one stop shop that provides information as to what tastes like sweat from a rhino's testicles as well as what it is in that putrid concoction that makes you break out in an itchy red rash and shake like chronic epileptic at a rave.

While I have sucked down approximately 20 different drinks over the past couple of weeks there are tons more out there that need to be...ummmmm...experienced. The US is a big place and everyone and their dirty uncle is producing some sort of meth-energy drink from their garage that I may not have the ability to test.

This is where you come in...you drink it, you write up a review, and I'll put it up. The only requirement is that it has to be in the same format as the other drink reviews that I have put up there...your words, my format. Here is an example...


And for those of you who are asking..."HEY, GoldenJonas, where the frigg are the damn Energy Drink Reviews you are blabbing your piehole about?" Here is an idiot proof map for ya...