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3/07/2007 2:42pm,
Steve has variously trained under Dan Inosanto (senior instructor in his stead for 13 years or so), Edgar Sulite (founder of Lameco Escrima), Dog Brothers, Paul Vunak, Share Lew, and others.

He provides private and semi-private triaining at his studio in downtown LA (as well as seminar-based training). The focus is on non-sport combatives, rooted in JKD principles. All ranges of combat, and blunt/sharp tools/improvised weapons- though his clinch/ground stuff is largely Kali-based. He openly encourages going to someone more learned for ground-based ideas.

He's also authored well-received video series. Kali empty hands stuff, trapping, street self-defense, and helped Edgar Sulite produce his stick-based video series. For some time he also had a public access TV show in Los Angeles, focusing on self-defense.

His studio is plenty big for private and semi-private training (I mostly do individuals, but have been in with as many as 4 people- could comfortably accomodate probably 6, even with "alive" training). There's plenty of bags, pads, mitts, and improvised training tools/weapons available.

We usually start by going over any questions I might've had, stuff I am interested in cleaning up/learning/working on, problem-solving ideas. Sometimes we do a brief look at how some of my "skills" are faring (he doesn't prepare me by telling me ahead of time, of course), with tools and without. He has a really, really organized set of materials, so we sometimes are focusing on next steps or ideas based on how he has it organized.

After having had several sifus over... a long time (I'm old), both Bullshido and not (I do know the difference)- he's by far the best teacher I've had. He's very open to new ideas, explains things extremely well, has produced some really competent fighters (have met other cats that have trained with him outside of him introducing us), has great skills himself, and really focuses on non-sport combatives. Every time I leave, I have several new drills and/or principles- more than enough material to digest and work on. This is the best part for me personally- I always have felt like I've both improved something each session, as well as left with very relevant combative material.

Am happy to answer any questions about Steve and his training if anyone's curious.

Steve Grody
8/13/2009 9:32pm,
Thanks for the kind review and the props! Just a note to mention that my site is now stevegrody.com and that a slew of the videos mentioned are now in DVD (yeah, I'm dragging myself into the present era).