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8/14/2003 2:16pm,
I apologize in advance if this dojo has already been discussed on Bullshido. A little backstory:

My friend was moving down to Florida from New York and we were looking around on the internet for potential new dojos. We came across the following site:


I have not been involved in the martial arts a terribly long time, but this place seemed so off the deep end that I began showing it to my other friends as an example of what to avoid when selecting a school. In fact, it was by searching for the sensei's Grandmaster, Ashida Kim, that I first came to Bullshido, where I read for a long time before ever posting myself.

The page has actually changed a bit; they removed the reference to extraterestials starting the school and the sensi's biography that claimed, among other things, that he had been a bodyguard for Tupac Shakur (given that he was murdered, this may not be the high point of your resume if it happened on your watch).

Has anyone had any personal experience with this school? Is this sort of thing common? Do you think its more than a McDojo, but an actual cult (the website discussed living barracks-style in the Dojo and beaing escorted on all trips out of the dojo)? Do you think it would be dangerous for my friend to stop by just to satisfy his curiosity?

Thanks in advance for your commentary.


8/14/2003 2:19pm,
are you fucking kidding?

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8/14/2003 2:20pm,
It would be one thing if they were foreign, but did you actually look at that site. Hell, i guess any country bumpkin can put up a site and be a ninja. Hey, how about some periods? Capitalization?

Anyone who makes a quick movement near me is going to get kicked in the face----WTDude

8/14/2003 2:21pm,
Grandmaster Ashida Kim comes and goes if you are lucky when visiting or training at the Temple you might meet him or not only if fate allows.


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8/14/2003 2:21pm,
About the aliens, etc.? No, I wish I had saved the page as it was a few weeks ago so I could prove it. However, there's still plenty of wacky crap on there, I think, to get the gist of it.

8/14/2003 2:25pm,
No, i know you are not kidding. I am talking about the group. Masons? Niiiinnja?

Anyone who makes a quick movement near me is going to get kicked in the face----WTDude

8/14/2003 2:27pm,
I went to the webpage in the storefront window in the first photo. It has all the other stuff about the aliens, Tupac, etc.


8/14/2003 2:32pm,
"S.H.I.T. Program ......................$350

Students are provided transport from the Orlando International airport to theTemple facilities for 2 days of Special High Intensity Training in Koga Black Dragon Ninjitsu by a certified instructor of the DOJO the $350 a day is recomended to be split into a group rate."

hahahhaa, did everyone else miss this???

8/14/2003 2:36pm,
....you think you know? you got no idea.

::For those in the know::
What happened to the AK message board. Since it went down i had to subsribe to a lame 'joke of the day.' Nothing compares to that site for humor. Hey i broke the cryptogram. Well, so did my three year old neice.

Anyone who makes a quick movement near me is going to get kicked in the face----WTDude

8/14/2003 2:40pm,
AM: No, I saw that too. There were just too many funny parts to point them all out. One of my favorites is "Temple Lititure"

8/14/2003 2:40pm,
Ashida Kim.

Yeah, he's a real fighter.


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8/14/2003 2:42pm,
check out http://www.ashidakim.com/ (http://www.ashidakim.com)

They actually have a **** list - can you even belive it?

8/14/2003 2:44pm,
Oh yeah, and of course: CorrospoDENSE training, offering video testing at $25 per rank.

8/14/2003 2:52pm,
No I saw this, but like most comic books I just chalked it up to someone's warped imagination of reality.

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Geek Kune Do
8/14/2003 3:00pm,

Super Hero In Training

Sam Browning
8/14/2003 3:00pm,
I think its safe as long as you don't hand over a check or credit card. Seriously send him in to do a field report. See if they will admit ever meeting Chris Hunter (Ashida Kim's real name)and find out who did their website so we know who to laugh at. Good luck.