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8/14/2003 1:03pm,
Do you have to go to work every morning to make a living? Do you have bills to pay? Children to support? A wife to please? Well, NOT ANY MORE!

Order Waste-of-Flesh Production's new "Sit around on your ass like Peedee Shaolin and write stupid pseudo-satiracle articles about inept Wing Chung Masters and the no-name punks that kick their asses" video!

For only $0.01, you will learn how to:
1 - Have nothing at all to do except concoct ignorant rants about people that don't even matter!
2 - Sit on your ass and talk trash like you could beat Emin Bozetep, when, most likely, you couldn't.
3 - Give a crap that someone fought William Cheung, who is notorious for being a looser anyway!
4 - Whack your peepee all day, while referring to it as "Peepee Shaolin."


Call in the next 30 seconds, and you will recieve a bonus video that shows:
1 - Peedee Shaolin sitting at a desk in front of a computer, with bills piling up all around him.
2 - Peedee Shaolin answering the telephone and telling prospective employers that he can't find time to make something of his life because he needs to put out his quota of worthless rants.
3 - Peedee Shaolin sitting in front of the television, eating a bag of chips and watching Jerry Springer, all the while trying to learn new Martial Arts moves from the fighting hicks on the show.


Say our super-secret code word, "Hewwo, my name is WeeWee," and get a FREE--YES, THAT'S RIGHT, FREE--couch potato bracelet that identifies you as somebody that needs to GET A FRICKEN LIFE!

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I'm outta here. I've got work to do. But it's been a nice little break.

8/14/2003 1:11pm,
Wow, got a great respone huh?

8/14/2003 1:13pm,
Now, how did I know that you'd be on the net?

8/14/2003 1:14pm,
Now, how did I know that you'd be on the net? It's only been up for 5 minutes. And the truthfulness of a thing isn't based on its response.

And by the way, it is spelled RESPONSE, not RESPONE. *idiot*

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8/14/2003 1:21pm,
And your post was a smacking 2 minutes after PeeDee's. Should have chosen a more convenient time to reply, thomas.

8/14/2003 1:23pm,
OK, you got me. I'm on my lunch hour. I just couldn't resist.

8/14/2003 1:47pm,
Anyone could beat Boztepe.*I* could beat boztepe. And I *suck* at mma.

8/14/2003 2:58pm,
hahaha nice!

Shut up and Gracie train!

Phrosty finally got my article up, all come and look! Fighting Multiples

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