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8/14/2003 10:12am,
Freddy's post on ClintEQ's thread about the London show down reminded me of a couple pickup truck stories.

1 My idiot dog jumped out of my old beat up work truck while I was driving down a not-too-busy road. I hit the brakes and jumped out and yelled at the idiot dog. A couple rednecks in a beautiful trans-am pulled up behind me and started yelling and acting rather agro. The dog and I jumped into the truck and I was about to go when the trans-am shot around me and pulled up sideways cutting me off. Both rednecks jumped out to stomp my hippie ass. I looked at them and though "these fucking wannabe cowboy morons are dumber than they even look." So I smiled at them and gunned my motor. The change on their faces from agro pissed off to doubtful paranoia was classic when they realized that I was going to ram their car with my piece of **** truck. Suffice it to say they left peacefully.
2 This story is even dumber than the first so I'll just skip to the ending. One punk, James (not a jerk, but punk rocker type punk)on my landscape crew faced down three guys in a jacked up shiny four wheel drive pick up by threatening to hit it with a shovel. The funny part was that the other punker on the crew was whining and cringing, saying "don't say anything to them, they'll beat us up!" Then James said for "Christ's sake!" and grabbed a shovel. I was laughing my ass off. James has done time and been around, and while he is no martial artist I knew the fools in the truck weren't going to beat up this particular punk.

8/14/2003 8:33pm,
Bahahahahahahahaha!!!! I love the first one!!