View Full Version : Karo Parisyan seminar for Chicago peoples

3/03/2007 9:18am,
don't know if this belongs here, but Karo is scheduled to do a seminar here in Chicago sometime this month. I'll try to keep those up to date on where the exact location of the seminar and the cost (roundabouts $75-80.00 not really sure). Hit ya back wit some mo info as soon as possible.

Goju - Joe
3/03/2007 9:28am,
SOOOO very jealous

Judah Maccabee
3/03/2007 10:47am,
Very interested if this pans out. I really like his "Judo for MMA" stuff.

3/08/2007 7:47pm,
yeah his judo game is freaking ridiculous and so smooth. All his judo that he teaches is geared specifically towards mma utilizing the "hooks" instead of the gi. I don't know if this seminar is geared towards straight judo or mma and I have yet to find out when this damn thing is gonna be but I'll try to keep all that's interested informed as much as possible. Hopefully I'll be able to post on time so bear with me.

milwaukee cop
3/09/2007 11:17am,
my kid and i are in,just get us the info.