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the layman
2/25/2007 12:48pm,
Hello to anyone who reads this. I'm a mid 30's father of 2 who has been a fan of mma from the very 1st ufc (like probably many of you). I used to enjoy training and teaching in my younger days but have become lazy of late... lol

I've slowly been getting back into and i'm considering joining one of the ATT schools here in Florida. Any members here? (Ko fitness/Orlando) I hope thats ok to post a direct name like that...

Anyway, you can see by my profile that i've "dabbled" in various disciplines but have never become what I would call "proficient" in any of them. I coached kid's boxing at the ymca in upstate NY and was an assistant to my bjj coach who just taught kids out of his wharehouse that he owned for his business many years back. I did it more for the fitness and the kids and the satisfaction that followed than I did for anything else.

I have a 14yr old son that i'm trying to get into shape so that gives me a constant reminder of my own conditioning and the example I must try to maintain.
Anyway, thats it...

2/25/2007 12:49pm,
BULL RUSH ON the layman!!!

2/25/2007 12:54pm,
Ignore the bots, honestly I keep forgetting they exist. Welcome to Bullshido.

2/25/2007 2:30pm,
Welcome aboard. To answer your question, one of our Staff (Anthony) trains with ATT. I think he's in South Florida though.