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Sun Wukong
2/24/2007 3:46am,
So, I walk into the Kit Kat Klub in Sunnyvale, CA tonight and the guy at the door is Paul Varlens... say what you want about the big-man, but after talking for a minute I can say he's a pretty cool dude. It was pretty great to hear a first person story about the UFC, even though Paul was often criticized as being kind of a one-note song.

The man is crazy big, and still strong as an ox, but he was really humble about everything and was kinda shocked I recognized him. Honestly, I didn't figure it out until someone called him by his first name but he was still pretty cool about it. Very approachable.

I was shocked to see that he was working at the door at a night club, but after you can't fight anymore what else is there? Anyway, he works there regularly and if anyone is ever in the mood to meet the man, the cover is $20 and the ladies are all naked.

I figure it's a win/win, if just to talk to one of the earliest fighters of the UFC.


2/24/2007 3:49am,
I love the way he looks like he's grabbed his 5 year old daughter's glasses and jammed them on his head.

Sun Wukong
2/24/2007 3:53am,
No kidding, the man is enormous. I'm not a little guy but he put his arm around my shoulder like i was a little kid.

2/24/2007 6:25am,
Why put a man like that in a shirt and tie like those?

It's just wrong, people.

bad credit
2/24/2007 7:17pm,
Holy ****, he looks like he showed up an joined the Nation of Islam and nobody had the balls to tell him he was too white.

You shoulda asked him about the time he and Bas Rutten were drunk and roughhousing in a Russian club and Bas threw him through a plate glass window.

Sun Wukong
2/26/2007 4:58am,
I had no idea he even knew Bas. No offense, but it kinda sounds like urban lore.

bad credit
2/26/2007 6:27am,
Uh, Bas mentioned it in an interview that was on here not too long ago. Damnit, do I have to search for it?

2/26/2007 6:51am,
If Paul Varlens suffered from mood-swings, would he be the Bi-Polar Bear?

Chris, can you go back and ask him?

Seriously, this sort of thing keeps me up at night.

Holy Moment
2/26/2007 8:17am,
Uh, Bas mentioned it in an interview that was on here not too long ago. Damnit, do I have to search for it?

It was in Clyde Gentry's book. I believe they were in the Ukraine after IFC 1. Rutten was a commentator and Varelans was a fighter. Supposedly, they were roughhousing in a topless bar when Paul bit Rutten's back. Then Rutten threw him through a glass door.

After that, Rutten was said to have gotten out of hand. He slapped an armed guard across the face. Eight other guards went out to apprehend Rutten, who was dancing on stage with the women. Andy Anderson ( Former UFC fighter, got his eyes gouged by Jon Hess; he was the ref for the event) punched Rutten and helped carry him away. They smashed his face into another glass door by accident. Paul ended up in the hospital, while Rutten ended up in jail.

The book was No Holds Barred, by Clyde Gentry, if you want to check.

Just for the record, I enjoyed the Polar Bear's fights.

Edit: Andy Anderson was pretty ballsy, considering he's the guy that got his ass handed to him by the Pillsbury Doughboy. Apparently, he did have the good left he claimed he did. Or perhaps he was more in his element in a topless bar ( He used to own the Totally Nude Steakhouse; made millions from it.)

Sun Wukong
2/26/2007 3:07pm,
Holy ****, that's pretty fucking loco.

Bas is like a real world Sgt. Riggs from "Lethal Weapon".

2/26/2007 3:09pm,
nice tits

Sun Wukong
2/26/2007 11:07pm,
Thanks, I just had them done.

2/27/2007 12:06am,
you don't even have tits. i'm talking about mr. polar bear

2/27/2007 12:10am,
Don't take that to heart Chris. True, your tits aren't so big, but I bet they're still beautiful.

Sun Wukong
2/27/2007 3:19am,
That's awesome. I'm shocked at you MJS, I figured you'd know I was joking. I'm all natural and would never go under the knife for any man.

2/27/2007 3:32am,
I'd go under the knife, but only for Wayne Newton.