View Full Version : I'm on the Flier for the Panther Fight League show!!!!!!

2/19/2007 3:15pm,


I got tickets for sale if you wanna go and watch me kick some ass!!!



Repost this, tell your friends, tell the world!!!!

2/19/2007 3:15pm,
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<a href="http://www.pantherfightleague.com"><img src="http://pantherfightleague.com/images/PFLMarch31Miami.jpg"></a>

I got tickets for sale if you wanna go and watch me kick some ass!!!


<a href="http://www.myspace.com/hebrewhammeratt">Myspace.com/hebrewhammeratt</a>

<b>Repost this, tell your friends, tell the world!!!! (hit reply and copy the code)</b>

2/19/2007 3:16pm,
I'm the triangler just so you know

2/21/2007 11:19pm,
Are you fighting or are they just using a pic from a previous fight you were in.

Christmas Spirit
2/21/2007 11:21pm,
Congrats and kick ass man .

3/01/2007 4:55pm,
Well damn Vulgar what took you so long to announce this in the s.fl TD thread. I'll definitely be there rooting you on. Slap a triangle on that mofo!!

*EDIT* joke re-use
BTW, think Silvia will have his belt on at the autograph session.. assuming he beats Couture?

3/01/2007 6:40pm,
Neat stuff, they really catch your good side.

Semi-surprised that the UFC let their fighters do stuff like that. Dana did stop Chuck from promoting another event.

3/01/2007 9:55pm,
I don't know, I think the smaller leagues are good for the UFC... all of the fighters in the UFC have fights already, so Dana needs to mine his fighters from somewhere.. plus the more people who know and em releate to the UFC fighters, the better the chance more people will want to order those PPV events.

3/01/2007 9:58pm,
I think every show I've ever been too has had some UFC fighter/former fighter there. From Frank Shamrock to Forrest Griffin to Rory Singer. It must do some good for the UFC

3/01/2007 10:00pm,
More publicity is always a good thing.