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2/18/2007 11:48pm,
Manufacturer: High Performance Beverage Co., Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey

Size: 16 fluid oz.

Flavors: Original (Citrus), Fruit Punch

Available in Sugar Free: Yes

Date of Review: February 18, 2007

Price: $2.49

Where Purchased: 7-11

Flavor Reviewed: Original (Citrus)

Website: http://www.drinknos.com/

Ingredients (amount per serving):

Serving Size – 8 oz.

Can Size: 16 oz (all amount will be doubled to accurately reflect the total amount in a 16 oz can)

Caffeine – UNKNOWN - per the ingredient listing, there is less than 400mg of caffeine per can but more than 100mg

Calories - 220 (20 sugar free)

Proprietary Blend – None

Other Supplements –

Vitamin B6
Vitamin B12
Vitamin C
Folic Acid
Taurine - 2000 mg
D-Ribose - 500 mg
L-Carnitine - 400 mg
Inositol - 200 mg
Panax Ginsing - 100 mg

Carbohydrates – 28 g (1 g sugar free)
(Sugar, 27 g / 0 g sugar free)

Protein - 1 g

Taste Rating Scale is 1 (absolute shite) through 10 (tastes like happy)

Taste: 7 – Tastes almost exactly like Sunkist orange Soda. Lightly carbonated citrus flavor. Even the sugar free version maintains the orange/citrus flavor but has a slight grapefruit juice hint to it.

After Taste: 7 – A small residual citrus with the regular and none to speak of with the sugar free model.

Effects Rating Scale is 1 (water) through 10 (check in to rehab NOW!)

Energy Boost: 7 – While I am unsure as to what the actual caffeine content is for this product (and my research on the WWW has turned up nothing as well), there is a decent boost so I would hazard a guess of somewhere between 150 mg and 175 mg of caffeine per can.

Side Effects/Crash: 1 – No real noticeable crash.

2/19/2007 12:24am,
Hell yes, I love this stuff. Can never find it in diet out here though. Damn.