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Fantasy Warrior
2/16/2007 12:01am,
Just an excuse to post my latest artwork, but seriously is there a pattern or common thread that crops up time and time again in many bullshidoka's training history? Like if you are attracted to style "x" you'll probably get sucked into belief "y" and that will sooner or later lead to career move "z" which is beyond the point of no return. Only doom and gloom and US flag gis from now on?


2/16/2007 12:41pm,

Well posted kickcatcher!

2/18/2007 1:51pm,
Cool! YMAS time!!! Cool!

2/18/2007 11:17pm,
Why would a kneebar, which is a sub-grappling technqiue be on the path of delusion. I would have put eye gouge mount escape or something.