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2/15/2007 4:44pm,
Manufacturer: South Beach Beverage Company, Inc., 40 Richards Avenue, Norwalk, Connecticut 06854

Size: 16 fluid oz.

Flavors: Berry Pomegranate, Orange

Available in Sugar Free: No

Date of Review: February 14, 2007

Price: $2.49

Where Purchased: 7-11

Flavor Reviewed: Berry Pomegranate

Website: http://www.sobebev.com/product_info/essential.shtml

Ingredients (amount per serving times (2)):
Serving Size – 8 oz.
Bottle Size – 16 oz (all amounts listed below will be appropriately doubled to show actual amount in bottle)
Caffeine – 96 mg
Calories – 230
Proprietary Blend – None
Other Supplements –
Vitamin C
Vitamin B12
Vitamin B6
Zinc Carbohydrates – 59 g
(Sugar, 59 g)

Taste Rating Scale is 1 (absolute shite) through 10 (tastes like happy)

Taste: 7 – Very surprising here. It actually taste like a mixture of blueberries and pomegranate. Even with the relatively high sugar content per can (59g) the drink was no sweeter than Gatorade®. The drink is lightly carbonated but this does not detract from the taste which is actually very good compared to most.

After Taste: 7 – There is a slight raspberry-esque aftertaste at the back of the mouth but it does not stay for very long; fairly satisfying taste.

Effects Rating Scale is 1 (water) through 10 (check in to rehab NOW!)

Energy Boost: 6 – An OK bump in the spazz department. Generally, the Sobe® brand energy drinks have a fairly high caffeine per can content as compared to other energy drinks (for example Sobe® NoFear® boasts a 140 – 155mg per can caffeine content)

Side Effects/Crash: 5 – Nothing to worry about here. I was expecting a noticeable crash due to the high sugar content but the crash was actually less than a Redbull®.