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9/11/2002 11:22am,
9Chambers submitted this article (http://www.mcdojo.com/article_read.asp?id=81), a reprint of a study of Pankration from Inside Kung Fu, by Kostas Dervenis.

In light of DJ Coldfusion revealing the Olympic Pankration scandal, it's a good read.

9/11/2002 6:11pm,
Phrost im gonna kill you...
KOSTAS DERVENIS??? My god in heavens....
This guy thinks he is the deadliest man alive he teathces Ninjutsu. In my opinion he isn't the kind of person i trust to look for information.

Many people in Greece laugh with this guy and when they hear his name.

But many people also respect him.

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9/11/2002 6:26pm,
But many things in the article r correct.

What i don't understand is why this article was published in the INTERNAL kung-fu MAGAZINE. PANKRATION has nothing to do with KUNG FU.

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9/11/2002 6:43pm,
Its a good article. I looked up Mr. Dervenis online. He is a ninjutsu guy in Greece. I think maybe he had a little help with the article. Its got a lot of good information in it. I have the pictures from the article scanned if anyone wants them - also some pics I took and some i found online and in books - of statues, paintings and whatnot.

9/11/2002 7:09pm,
As said chambers many thinks in the article are correct. And he had for sure help to write the article. Trust me man this guy thinks he is an internal killing Machine LOL.

11/23/2002 1:26pm,
isnt devenis the guy who wrote that book ("magus from java" i think its calleed) where he claims to have a master who can do all crazy things (hey forget about lotto numbers, this guy claims he can set fire to things, shoot lightnign from his hands, and restist the impact of a car at fullspeed.)

11/23/2002 7:26pm,
I am thinking that there are more than one person named Dervinas.

Here is Kostas Dervinas' biography:


Here is a page with more info linking him to Charles Daniel:


Here is his e-mail address:


I found this stuff using http://yahoo.com so whatever. I don't really know the guy.

"A life-long student of the martial arts, Danaos is also a professional engineer with degrees in chemical and metallurgical engineering. Over thirty years, he has studied judo, jujutsu, aikijutsu, taijutsu, karate, kung fu, taichichuan, and taekwondo. Kostas has also studied medieval and renaissance Western swordsmanship with noted authorities Hank Reinhardt and Charles Daniel, and undertaken an in-depth study of Buddhism to enhance his martial arts training."

That doesn't sound too bad really..

11/23/2002 8:48pm,
thats the same guy.

11/24/2002 11:27am,
Please, elaborate on the dragons breath palm, sounds like just the thing that will get my hackles raised.

11/24/2002 1:21pm,
Inside Kung Fu is the WORST. The article was really good though.

12/05/2002 2:29am,
" Inside Kung Fu is the WORST. The article was really good though."

for once , I can't argue with PP. It is bad.

Peedee and kungfools will NEVER face those they charge.

TKD Boxer
12/05/2002 2:30am,
I love the namesof Kung fu techniques, Dragon Breath Palm, Sword Secret, Tiger Claw, there all so funny.

Pankraion came before Kung Fu and is said to perhaps have been the first matial art. It wa basically an ancient, more brutal MMA competition.

"Wrestlers need a lesson in submission, I'm the one to teach them." - Frank Shamrock

gong sau
12/05/2002 3:03am,
I love the namesof Kung fu techniques, Dragon Breath Palm, Sword Secret, Tiger Claw, there all so funny.

*sigh* Sorry to burst your bubble, TKD Boxer, but the style of gungfu I practise has names like, "wu sau" (guard hand) and "chum sau" (sinking hand). Many styles of gungfu actually name their tschniques for the shape or the use, and when animal names are given it's just trying to use a frame of reference. It's all mnemonics.

First, I'm gonna hit ya...then your gonna fall

12/05/2002 5:12am,

Everything is "funny" to 14 year olds like TKD B.

Peedee and kungfools will NEVER face those they charge.

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12/05/2002 5:42am,

Thanks for the information on the dragons breath palm. How about elaborating on the drabons breath palm you first mentioned.

Sorry, couldn't resist.

12/06/2002 1:36am,
I really dont know about Pankration its more likly a more recnet creation than anything else. abit of striking mixed in with wrestling etc.
From a historic perspective no direct linage of Greek or Roman arts survive. There are paintings and statues that do depect combat moves that boxing and modern wrestling could have been created from??? I dont know for sure? There is much in the form of fighting manuals from the Middles ages with the exception of knife fighting arts and other weopon arts. This of course doesnt mean they arnt good. With asian martial arts there are manuals and other sources to make it more traceble. From a historical perspective of course. Who knows for sure?