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2/12/2007 4:02am,
Howdy, I've been lurking these forums for a while and finally decided to register and post.

I'm Mike from San Antonio, Texas, and I've got about a year and a half of training under my belt in a combination of Shotokan (I think) and TKD. Unfortunately both of the places I trained at were McDojos so I'm not very confident of my fighting abilities. Yes, I wasted a lot of time and money there. Of course, this was when I was wide-eyed and innocent and still thought nunchucks were great weapons.

In retrospect I should have known better. The first place I attended, a Karate place called "Universal Karate." I tried to find the website for this post, but there are so many places called "Universal Karate" that I really can't find a website for it; it might not even have one. Anyway, probably the biggest clue that it was a McDojo was that the instructor had his eight-year-old (or at least he looked it) kid in the beginner class so he could point out multiple times that his child was a 2nd degree black belt. That and two of the three classes we had a week were completely devoted to the proper performance of various katas ("Your battlecry is not dramatic enough."). Following some minor surgery I never really had the heart to go back here.

The second place I went to was called, "Karate World Studios" and was even worse than the first. They've since changed the name of their place of business to Family PDC, as well as the web site. http://www.familypdc.com/ . Possibly to escape the outstanding BBB complaints against them. To get me to sign up they told me they taught multiple martial arts, but really it was just a very silly TKD curriculum. I only practiced for long enough to get to yellow belt, I just couldn't get past the inner hand strikes where you hit your adversary with the inside of the first knuckle on your index finger with devastating force. Yeah, right. "You're not striking hard enough." No, really, in case you haven't noticed I like to eat and I'd rather not break my fork hand. Also, although the site lists the instructor as Master Lockhart, he never actually taught any of the classes, his sons did, both of which claim 1st degree black belts. One is my age, he was in my 8th grade class, and the other is younger than me. Considering I'm 20 right now and I went to them three years ago; I'd say their entire family has questionable credentials.

The biggest offense to me, though, was that they actually seemed to get irritated that I have a bad right hip and can't do much more with my right leg than throw front kicks and walk or run without an uncomfortable degree of pain. (Sadly this means I probably don't have a future in professional MMA. ) They would glare at me when I refused to attempt crescent kicks or side kicks with my right leg and sigh. I already knew from the karate place that I couldn't do them with my right leg. Eventually I gave up on them too.

I haven't done a whole lot since then, mostly because I've become very wary of falling for another McDojo. I looked at a Capoeira class here, not because I think it will teach me to fight but because there are a lot of hot athletic women there, and it's very fun to play. Sadly, some of the people there harbored illusions of using it one day to defend themselves; one of the senior students has posted on Bullshido before about t3h d34dly capoeira street fights in Rio before. :eusa_sile. I also looked at a Krav Maga place, which looked pretty legit when I went for my free trial class, but when I looked up the instructors I found *no* credentials and in fact, the head instructor, Pete Hardy, had his name come up during the Tiger Klay/Clay/wtf investigation. So I'm a little wary there too.

Well, now that the long intro is over, I should probably ask if anyone has any ideas about a legitimate place to train in San Antonio that won't shred my pathetic income. Thanks!

2/12/2007 4:03am,
Welcome aboard, BooBoogeyman! The Bullshido staff would welcome you personally, but the thing is they’re busy keeping the peace, so they’ve apointed me, a bot, to pat you on the back and assure you that in no way will you be harmed during your stay here at BS.net. Your views on the martial arts, your philosphy, maybe even your entire reason for being will be challenged, shattered, reorganized, melted down, and forged into something new and shiny, but we swear it will only hurt a little bit… at first.

2/12/2007 4:27am,
Welcome to Bullshido, BooBoogeyman!
Good for you that you now know what NOT to look for in a MA gym.
Just wondering: why /and how/ on earth do you want to practise Capoeira, if your hip is f*cked up (if I understood your post right)?
Good luck in finding the right gym for you though and keep us updated.

2/12/2007 9:52am,
My hip isn't completely messed up, I can't use my right leg as the striking leg for very many kick types but I don't really have a problem using it as the base leg for anything when striking with my left. Yeah, I don't really understand it, I should probably see a doctor about it some time but since it doesn't really affect my quality of life I always seem to find something better to do with my time and money...

Anyway, thanks for the welcome.

2/12/2007 11:43am,
Fraternal Greetings, fellow Noob!

ALWAYS trust your gut if you think a MA program is crap and/or not right for you. NEVER feel bad about walking out!

You are on the right path. Sorry I don't know diddly about the San Antonio scene, but you got your Bullshit detector turned on, and that's the most important thing.

Good luck!

2/12/2007 9:02pm,
I actually have a question for you people who know things. I was, about an hour ago, kicked out of the Krav Maga place I mentioned before presumably for asking too many questions. What would be the appropriate forum to post it in? (Note to self: Don't ask a krav maga instructor if he knows who Tiger Klay is.)

2/12/2007 11:18pm,

You must have one of them older model Bullshit detectors, with the audible operating noise. Some Stripmall Masters have heightened senses; they'll kick you out in a hurry if they hear that telltale hum : )

You need to get the Mark II B.S. Detector, with totally silent, solid-state operation and tritium-illuminated dial, for use in total darkness.

Sounds like your luck is holding.

Now, I do recollect that there's supposed to be some Yang style Tai Chi guy with a fairly big following in the San Antonio area. So if you run through everyone else in town, you can always buy some 'jammies and cultivate your spiritooal side!

2/13/2007 5:02am,
I actually have a question for you people who know things. I was, about an hour ago, kicked out of the Krav Maga place I mentioned before presumably for asking too many questions. What would be the appropriate forum to post it in? (Note to self: Don't ask a krav maga instructor if he knows who Tiger Klay is.) You might try to start a thread about this incident/school in the MA BS, Fraud, etc... forum IMO, but ONLY AFTER searching/checking the site for the instructor's/school's name to see if they've been dealt with here already.

Make sure you post all details of the incident (what exactly happened, what was asked in what tone in what situation, what was the answer, etc...) as well as a link/contact to the school for possible future "other side of the coin" info.