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8/08/2003 11:43am,
What do you think which muscles are the most important for martial artists ? Of course it depends on the style you practice and if the style is internal or external. But just in general which muscles are the important ones ?

8/08/2003 11:49am,
Honestly I think they all have equal importance. Balance is necessary in life and in MA.

One could say, good upper body for striking, good lower body for kicking, rock hard abs for defense, but in my mind you need it all.

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8/08/2003 12:12pm,
most important? i'd say stomach muscles to generate torque in striking (amoung other things, like impressing other people :) )

what Pun said, neck muscles are great fun to develope

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8/08/2003 12:16pm,
I would say the neck muscles and the arms.

Having a strong neck helps prevent neck injury and whiplash. Since your head is often the main target in a fight, it's good to have a strong neck.

As for the arms, since they're often your main weapons and also your primary tools of defense, it helps to have strong arms.

A good exercice I use for the arms is the chin up. I'm the type who doesn't like working with weights since it's easier to get injuries from them. The chin up with also help develop your overall upper body strength.

8/08/2003 12:29pm,
I'd guess legs.

Without a strong base, you can't really accomplish ****.

8/08/2003 12:55pm,
I'd guess ass muscles. After all, your ass is going to be in tights when you are in the ring anyways right?

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Shi Heng Che
8/08/2003 3:33pm,
All muscles are important because it is important to strike with the whole of your body.

8/08/2003 4:36pm,
legs and back are your biggest muscle groups, it helps to have those in good shape if you want to be strong.

8/08/2003 5:21pm,
Wiseass answer: the brain
Slightly less wiseass answer: the heart

Answer that responds to what the question sought: Starting with your center (abs and obligques) as the most important, and descending in importance as you get further away from the center. None ought to be neglected.

Das Moose
8/08/2003 5:56pm,
Stomach muscles get you chicks.

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8/08/2003 10:43pm,
I don't think you could say any one muscle is more important than another. So, don't neglect any.

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8/09/2003 5:42am,
hmmm...don`t think the brain is a muscle
@ Seigikan

I think leg muscle for the balance

8/09/2003 7:17am,
Migyur: It's not. That's why I described it as a "wiseass" comment. You know, a joke? Ha ha? Hee hee? Don't they have humor over in Holland? Surely they have some time for it during that hectic 25-hour work week? Or is the rest of the time given over to eating one's own dead skinflakes, combining breakfast pastries with tobacco, and hanging out in the hash bars?

8/09/2003 8:16am,
Could anyone of you give me tips how to train my neck muscles ?

8/09/2003 8:30am,
I'd say the muscle that controls the tongue.


Well, if you can control that muscle by using it wisely in talking your way of a fight, then wouldn't that be the most important.

Example: I'm 6'6" tall (198cm for you metric folks) and 240lbs. I like to country dance and "people watch", so go to bars periodically..country ones specifically.

Because of my size, I tend to attract a number of "juiced-up" drunk 'lil' cowboy-wannabe's, and because I have worked very hard over the years developing my tongue muscle, I have avoided many a fight.

Also, it's any good way to attract women! (Just had to say that) :o)


8/09/2003 9:36am,
The love muscle