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Geek Kune Do
8/07/2003 8:07am,
What is it? What can it do for you?

8/07/2003 8:17am,
Nei kung = "internal work", qigong, breathing, that type of stuff


Xuanlong Xian
8/07/2003 8:28am,
It can do as much as you work for.

Geek Kune Do
8/07/2003 8:31am,
What are the results of it.. what does it improve?

Xuanlong Xian
8/07/2003 9:36am,

Xuanlong Xian
8/07/2003 9:37am,
No joke. Cultivating your internal energies transforms every part of your life.

Xuanlong Xian
8/07/2003 9:38am,
But I guess you're talking about fighting.

Same answer.

Geek Kune Do
8/07/2003 11:12am,
No not just fighting. I saw a brief article on it. Apparently it is not popular. If you have insight please explain.

Xuanlong Xian
8/07/2003 11:14am,
What is this, a troll attempt?

'not popular', what does this mean?

Geek Kune Do
8/07/2003 11:16am,
It's not a troll attempt. I'm trying to find out more about it. Your answers are vague and elusive. Do you have any info on it.

8/07/2003 11:20am,
There are a couple of books on Nei Kung that you may want to check out.

A decent one that explains it in simple terms is

'The Magus of Java'

8/07/2003 11:29am,
Why not try a search on google?


8/07/2003 12:46pm,

Xuanlong Xian
8/07/2003 1:37pm,
If my answers are vague, it's because 'neigong' is extremely broad. It's basically any practice focused on the internal processes of the body. It typically involves breathing, visualization, fine-motor control, and the guiding and circulation of energies. While there are countless regimens for meditation, qigong, etc., neigong is at its root nothing more than the purposeful and modulated experience of being.

8/07/2003 1:40pm,
"The Magus of Java?" -- an embarassment to internal guys everywhere.

What's neigong? At a gross level, it's qigong. However, in my experience, neigong is used to differentiate qigongs from internal systems from qigongs from external systems (AKA iron shirt or iron bell).

What will it do for you*?

Essentially, I'd have to say it depends on the exercise. I can only remark on the neigong I do regularly--15 minutes daily of the Dai family squatting monkey exercise. Since I've started doing this, I've been able to discern three benefits--better body connection, more explosive power, and better dantian motion.

FWIW, I'll periodically do one of the Chen style neigongs. What does it do? Quite frankly, it's so gentle that I doubt it does very much. It's just a nice cooldown after a hard workout.

*not that I'm particularly qualified to answer.

Shi Heng Che
8/07/2003 1:45pm,
Nei Gong literally means internal skill or work as previously pointed out.
Anything that is internal is nei gong whether this is learning to breath correct or learning internal movements.

I have to go now my internet time is over.