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1/25/2007 2:06am,
I used to believe Aikido people were badass and that TKD black belts were tough. I also used to think boxing was completely useless (That perception didn't change until I started watching Hajime no Ippo, reccomended by a website, and sought out an MMA school, which makes it even sadder)

Forgive me.

Transcendent Sunchips
1/25/2007 3:05am,
I used to believe that all martial arts were equal. I thought that if somebody trained hard enough in kung fu, karate, judo, or ninjitsu; they would be able to kick a large amount of ass.

1/25/2007 3:55am,
Used to think all techniques were equal percentage, it's just a matter of using the right one at the right time. I therefore didn't see that it was a waste of time to learn 1000 variations of the standing wristlock.

1/25/2007 4:35am,
Some Black Belt Krottyka once told me that doing Kata Applications prepare you for a fight better than Sparring. I believed him...

1/25/2007 4:54am,
I used to do lunge punches then freeze and people told me sparring wasn't realistic. I believed them.

King Sleepless
1/25/2007 6:16am,
I more or less repped everyone in this thread. Please check your control panel for instructions.

1/25/2007 7:49am,
Imagine the comedy that a drunken boxing nutrider would produce on the forums.

I thought we did, Sifu Randy Abel(KungFuDoesWork), wasn't he Drunken Monkey?

1/25/2007 7:55am,
...so pro-wrestling isn't real?

1/25/2007 8:09am,
I used to believe that using a rolling pin on my shins every night would make my Thai kick t3h d34dl33. I later realized that time might be better spent on the heavy bag actually trying to develop some power...

Stylized violence/martial arts are boring

I used to love MA/cheesy action movies until I discovered what real fighting was, now I just watch dramas and romance movies

Sad but true...

I can't enjoy action flicks with any length of choreographed HtH fighting now.

1/25/2007 8:14am,
I was told that although grappling arts have some merit, they aren't practical for self defence in a club because you may just have washed yuor hands and not dried them or you or your attacker could be sweaty. All of these things would render grappling impossible as the other person would simply slip out of your grip.

Unbelievably, I listened to and believed this..

1/25/2007 10:07am,
Pick just about anything from this thread, I believed it. The worst:

I believed in Frank Dux.

1/25/2007 10:16am,
I hope you shower three times a day. I do for ninjerkan.

1/25/2007 10:32am,
I too thought that Ninjitsu was the d34dlyest martial art ever and that I could learn it from somebody.

I thought boxing was more than enough to destroy anybody(hell, I'm still a boxing fanboy to this day)

Of course I dint take a second look at those grappling books in the bookstore

I actually never thought that TKD was a good style from the very begining... why? My friend told me that punches to the head are not allowed in competition. I thought to myself, "So I'm guessing punching to the head would take the sport out of TKD?"

And of course pretty much everything else posted already....

1/25/2007 10:36am,
I used to think anyone who learned to fight with their arms was an idiot. Legs are stronger AND have better reach... why the hell would anyone want to flail their weak little fists around? I told this to my martial artist friend and he agreed but said that his uncle (Who I believe does Judo, MT, and alive JJJ) told him that is a fighter who was great with his hands fought one who was great with his feet, all else equal the hands fighter would probably win. This completely befuddled me at the time.

Flash forward to now, when my standup is pretty much 95% punching and occasionally I'll throw a kick in there to mix things up. And I'm fairly sure my punches are now harder than most of my kicks.

Thanks to playing video games a lot (especially tekken) I thought that the jumping double front kick (A.K.A. the scissors kick) was a badass move, and that the reason it never seemed to work in mock-sparring was that I needed more practice. I also firmly believed that techniques should be evaluated based on the number of hits; power was almost equal for all strikes, so focus on landing as mnay as possible.

I also thought the ultimate technique would be a simultaneous rising knee with double hook with downward heabutt to the opponent's head, thereby striking it from four directions at once.

Oh God, I can't keep revealing all these hideous truths.

LOL at the number of wrestlers who thought wrestling was useless and didn't realize that they could already probably beat 80% of other martial artists to a bloody mess.


I thought boxing was more than enough to destroy anybody(hell, I'm still a boxing fanboy to this day)

Um, hello, boxing is more than enough to destroy anybody. The proof? When I start punching people during my no-gi class, they always get hit and act shocked and usually the instructor stops the roll ... victory by stoppage!

Coach Josh
1/25/2007 11:03am,
Hard core TKD blocks would break an arm.
A dropping your hands to low block was great.
A palm heel to the nose was death.
Ninjas rule.
My jump spinning hook kick as t3h d34dly
Kata made me a better fighter
For a few years after I quit TKD I continued to do them and about 6 years ago I just stopped. I was in the middle of one and started laughing at myself.
Koreans were t3h d34dly

Thank you JUDO for saving me.

1/25/2007 11:09am,
LOL at the number of wrestlers who thought wrestling was useless and didn't realize that they could already probably beat 80% of other martial artists to a bloody
Can you blame us?

It's just plain old wrestling! Those MA dudes got the chi, the belts and that whole mystery of the east thing going for them.

All we had was singlets...