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1/24/2007 5:54pm,
Doing bujinkan usually precludes believing in a whole strata of associated BS such as:

Good taijutsu will save you from going to the ground.

If you do go there, you can apply it's principles.

Sports train your body to go for less-lethal moves which only serve to keep the fight going for longer.

Taijutsu will eventually allow you to detect unseen attacks like some spiderman ****.

1/24/2007 6:16pm,
Things I believed that I now know were not true

breaking boards was a useful part of my training...

kata has hidden techniques that I would learn when I got my black belt...

you must respect your instructor even if he's a prick, just because he's your instructor...

1/24/2007 6:24pm,
I used to do Genbukan, like Virus stated, it had alot of nonsense imbedded in my head like being able to dodge attacks like Spiderman.

Used to think that Bruce Lee was the end all be all of martial arts.

Used to think that Boxing was really limited, and learning any other striking art would be better cause it would have kicks, knees, elbows, etc...

And when I was really young I used to believe that Kung Fu masters could jump 30 ft into the air like in all those infamous Kung Fu movies in the 80's.

Good think I found grappling and MMA, or I'd be a lost cause in _ing _un or something :)

1/24/2007 6:38pm,
A few years ago I used to do lots of the drills in Attack Proof. I was actually on that forum before the bullshido folks pretty much got John Perkins to take it down. To be honest, I still think there's good stuff to be found there, but also a lot of goofy stuff. Imagine systema where you fight with your hands up, there's no psychic/no touch BS, and no obscure pressure points attacking. The "sparring" is done slow motion at contact range- this is where I started to find problems with it. I still do some of the drills because they work well into CMA "games" like push hands and chi sao, but I do these every once in a while because I enjoy them like chess, not because I think they're deadly fighting drills.

1/24/2007 6:42pm,
Going back a year or two I used to believe something that probably a lot of people on here still do:

You can train anything with aliveness will make it work.

Now I think you can train anything with aliveness if you want, but at best you'll end up with mediocre kickboxing and wrestling with the occasionally functioning gimmick which seems to lose its significance once tested in the long term with better trained and competant fighters from modern sports.

Fearless Ukemi
1/24/2007 7:35pm,
1990'ish: If I spend years practicing TKD, I'll be able to fight like Van Damme.

2004: If I spend years practicing aikido...

1/24/2007 7:44pm,
Ninjutsu was so deadly it was illegial is most countries. My College Freshman Wrestler roommate told me this. He knew more then me so i believed him.

lol at one of the tkd larpers a while back telling me this and getting smacked by my master upside the head like a second later. then my master said "some of those guy would ring your ass out to dry" and made us run ten laps for being idiots. that was awesome.

1/24/2007 7:45pm,
I used to believe, if you were really good, your **** would look like the movies. I believed that wing chun punchs could be effective as boxing punches. I believed in a lot of crap, then came the UFC, and I realized how much time I wasted. It's sad really, but at least I got wise. I have friedns that still believe the UFC is nonsense and you can drop those guys with a kempo sidekick to the knee....or an eyepoke. Just thinking about it gets me depressed some times. NOw I focus on making money and enjoying the good life. I stopped worrying about kicking ass or getting my ass kicked. I mean a monkey or a huge dog can **** you up, but do you have to admire it?

1/24/2007 8:01pm,
Since I took kung fu I'm not going to list the obvious like chain punches are awesome and the horse stance builds kicking power, etc.

When I usto watch people grapple and saw someone who was mounted or side mounted I usto believe those people were pussies because they couldn't just power out of it.

I also usto believe that throwing a guy on his ass would be easy, and usto practice throwing imaginary opponents in hypothetical situations.

This isn't related but I kicked my dog by accident once when I was younger practicing spinning crescent kicks. I also usto practice punching as close to my cat as possible without hitting him. After a while he didn't even flinch, just gave me that "you're a fucking LARPin' piece of ****" look.

I usto believe that by practicing my forms with forceful movements I would be increasing my punching power. This might have helped a little as it got me usto throwing a lot of energy into a technique in as little of time possible but of course there are better methods for doing so.

I usto believe in throwing a lot of back fists as you were striking and potentially blocking a shot at the same time. This sounds nice in theory but in application if you're not fighting a complete tool it tends to not work.

I usto believe my Sifu was hiding the grappling component of kung fu from me and all the applications to the forms until I realized that he knew nothing of either. He is a decent pseudo-kickboxer but I didn't see him use any of his kung fu in the six years I studied under him.

I usto believe in the knee stomp and standing elbow snatch and break.

There's lots more but that's all I feel like posting for now. In short taking a bullshido martial art when you're in the "I'm six feet tall and bullet-proof" stage of development just isn't healthy, mmk?

1/24/2007 8:55pm,
I saw Drunken Master in theaters at a birthday party years back.

I came to the conclusion that Drunken Boxing was all powerful since drunk people are better at fighting than sober people. I tried to seek out this style; fortunately it's rare enough that I couldn't secure a location to train in it.

1/24/2007 9:07pm,
Imagine the comedy that a drunken boxing nutrider would produce on the forums.

Mr. Jones
1/24/2007 9:08pm,
- martial arts are about helping people

- ninjutsu is the most powerful martial art in the world

- Shenmue is real

- Kungfu is the motherfucking bomb

- The average martial artist is a hardened fighter

- my dad is the strongest guy in the world

- Enter the Dragon was actually a documentary of Bruce Lee

- Steven Segal did Karate

- Judo is dumb

- You can not knock out a Samoan it is impossible

- Samurai were the most powerful warriors ever besides ninjas

- true martial artists never have sex. they're too busy fighting. *see Ryu from Street Fighter*

- the word "true martial artist"

- pro wrestling is real

- All Chinese people have an uncle or grandfather who is a kung-fu master

- White people won the crusades

- Mike Tyson can't be beaten

- martial arts are a pseudo religion *see Wude*

1/24/2007 9:09pm,
If you go back far enough, to like when I was ten, I used to believe pro-wrestling was real.

Mr. Jones
1/24/2007 9:09pm,
If you go back far enough, to like when I was ten, I used to believe pro-wrestling was real.

Everyone did my friend, everyone

1/24/2007 9:13pm,
I pretty much went from typical layman saturated with martial arts myths misinformation to bujinkan nutrider, then transitioned over the course of a year or so to uber-combat sports nutrider.

1/24/2007 9:16pm,
Everyone did my friend, everyone

Coversation I invented in my head:

"Pro wrestling is real."

"No it isn't. It's completly fake."

"Some of it's real."