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8/16/2008 3:57pm,
tigers blade,
you read my mind with your posts.

tube mode,
you CAN knock people out with a single hit.

8/22/2008 4:58pm,
I used to beleive that asians could pass down knowledge of martial arts to their children through their DNA alone.
:XXspermy: gagahaa Best one ever...
i thought it that MA were a requirement in school for all asians so any asian was a pro (but then your body reflects your nationality genetic traits so in best case scenario one always adapts the MA style to their body)

8/22/2008 6:23pm,
Oh, and I almost forgot!

Boxers suck because they don't have t3h d34dly chambered waist punch!

9/01/2008 4:21pm,
That I could still fight well drunk.

9/20/2008 12:22pm,
The stuff that I'll admit is that I thought controlling your punch/kick (as in being able to stop it millimeters from your opponent) was an useful skill. I also used to think that real life fights are fought stanging up, at kicking range.

Not to mention that I used to think my badass krotty moves were, well, badass. I'm fairly certain they at least tickle to the point of being annoying.

9/20/2008 5:29pm,
test post

9/21/2008 1:37am,
We have a forum for that, kid. Newbietown. First post, so you're not gonna be drawn and quartered or anything, but just for future reference.

9/21/2008 2:13am,
2000-2004: big guys hit harder but slower and little guys hit weaker but faster

Isn't this true?

It's my excuse, in any case

9/21/2008 4:24am,
I think it depends more on their striking technique than their size. I mean, if their striking technique about the same all across the board, then sure, size will make the difference.
Then again I think musculature matters too.

9/21/2008 4:56am,
I used to think that wrestling and boxing had nothing to do with martial arts. Brainwashed by kung fu movies.

9/21/2008 6:06pm,
Isn't this true?

It's my excuse, in any case

Nah, not true, although you wouldn't think a meathead like Lesnar would move that fast just to look at him.

9/22/2008 11:37am,
What I'm saying is that most styles have something to useful to offer. There is also plenty
of Bullshido in those styles including yours or mine, you just need to learn to sort the useful & real from the BS. However, each person gets out of their style/s what they put in, train hard & concentrate on the effective techniques & they will definitely be useful.
Unfortunately you will still have to practice those ( only a Moron would use this in a real fight ) techniques your Sensei, Sifu, etc teaches & also take some of the things they tell you with a grain of salt.
So short answer, no, my Karate isn't ****, but then I'm lucky I have several very good instructors & I do my best to put effort into it.
When I was younger & Naive I used to believe many of the things posted on this thread.
I don't now, but I also see a whole lot of cynisism here that I just don't buy into.

cheers ! Blind leading the blind.

9/26/2008 11:46am,
As a teenager, I was led to believe that to be a great fighter and Martial Artist, you have to be able to kick high to the head as that is where all the fights end plus you have to do a full split and a full-stradle. Of course, that's what a lot of KMA'ers want to make you believe that several years later, I practiced things that are not KMA and had the chance to prove those KMA'ers wrong. Of course, they weren't too happy about the bruised thighs, shins and limps that they got from trying to kick high me in the face.

9/26/2008 9:19pm,
Another **** that I was led to believe was by my then TKD instructor: "Never kick in the knee if you don't want to have enemies." WTF!!!

10/01/2008 11:57am,
That a Buji lunge punch could be delivered faster and with more power than a boxing style punch.

That a technique I couldn't make work in the dojo would work on the street because I'd be all adrenelined up

That dropping your weight a little bit really was the best way to deliver force to your opponent's body.

That in spite of all the useless crap it's lumbered with I really was picking up some useful stuff in buji. (actually I still kind of believe this one, just less than I used to)

10/01/2008 12:00pm,
Another **** that I was led to believe was by my then TKD instructor: "Never kick in the knee if you don't want to have enemies." WTF!!!

I think that was the ancient chinese proverb version of 'don't be a dick during training'?