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1/18/2007 9:49pm,
im jbw1426. i practice no martial arts but have always had an interest in them since i was a youth.

i thought id register here at the site to further my interests in the martial arts.

ill probably do more lurking than anything since i have no real jknowledge about the martial arts. but if i have a question i certainly will ask. and as far as trolling is concerned, thats not my cup o tea.

thanks for having me. thanks for listening.


1/18/2007 9:50pm,
BULL RUSH ON jbw1426!!!

1/20/2007 8:49pm,
Welcome to Bullshido; enjoy your stay.

Omega Supreme
1/20/2007 8:54pm,
OmegaBot made a funny.

Sam Browning
1/20/2007 9:09pm,
Does OmegaBot listen to you, or is he a subsidary of Phrostbot?