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1/17/2007 2:49am,
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a new dojo im considering joining. My experiences in martial art's have been skimming of the surface. I took 6 months of krav maga classes a few years ago. And I have a basic tan belt from MCMAP (marine corps martial arts program). Im interested in the kickboxing classes this dojo offers but its TaeKwonDo so I dont know if its worth it or not. I would go back to krav maga or look to other pastures, but this place is literally 2 blocks from where I live so its quite appealing. Would I be wasting my time? My goal is to become proficent at really hurting people, without reservation. stuff well suited for the military. Im not too concerned about learning to kick people in convienent places or looking good while doing it.

I was over there earlier and I asked about the sparing. They said its not supposed to be too intense/ not supposed to try to knock the other guy out type thing. And thats really weird to me. especially coming from a USMC background. no intensity while fighting ?? I feel like this might be a waste of time. But im not too knowledgable about it so anyone know if it would be a good idea to pursue this?

Does anyone recogmend any places to train in the santa barbara area if not this one?

thanks = )

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Welcome to Bullshido, the best Martial Arts forum on the entire Internet, sighd. Seriously, you won't regret your choice to join us. We're a great bunch of folks, except for Hannibal. And Sirc. And TaiGip. And MMA Kid. And... well, you get the point.

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but i hear that MJS guy is pretty cool

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