View Full Version : ...And That's Kickin' Your.... Nuts?

9/09/2002 5:00pm,
Found this gem of a video (http://www.mcdojo.com/dl_info.asp?id=34) on the internet.

Apparently a TKD Black Belt instructor challenged some teenage kid with no martial arts training to fight in his dojo over a dispute. It turned out that the kid was a student of the ancient art of Kik Yu Nads, as the TKD BB ended up with a solid foot to his crotch.

9/09/2002 6:05pm,
Haha, that was great! What was the point of the instructor trying to show off like that? Wish the video was longer, i would of liked to see what happened after those 5 seconds.

"But some apes gotta go, so we kill the ones we don't know" - 'Aple shall never kill Ape' by The Vandals

9/10/2002 1:13am,
this doesn't look like any "challenge match" to me... notice how almost no one is even paying attention to what they're doing?

9/10/2002 5:46am,
Maybe it's not a chalenge match but it's still funny. LOL.

9/10/2002 7:59pm,

Oh sensei my boys hurt!!!!