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1/13/2007 10:59am,
Before joining Grantham Tae Kwon-do Club, the Steer family of Barkston knew very little about the sport and could not have dreamed of becoming a family of black belts.
Phillip Steer was set the challenge by his wife Elizabeth to find an activity in which the whole family could participate.

Having watched a Tae Kwon-do demonstration at the King's School, led by instructor and sixth-degree black belt Malcolm Scholes, the family decided to try the Korean military martial art themselves.

Phillip and Elizabeth recognised that the self-defence aspect would be character building for their three children 16-year-old Joseph, 14-year-old Katherine and 11-year-old Emily and that the discipline would enable the whole family to improve fitness and confidence.

Phillip said: "The point of training is not about becoming aggressive and fighting.

"It's a great experience for us all to do something active and get involved in something together as a family."

In October, all five family members achieved the coveted black belt under the guidance of five grand masters at the TAGB academy in Bristol.

Phillip said: "It has taken a lot of dedication for us all to achieve black belt, but the benefits over the last four years have been worth it.

"Tae Kwon-do becomes an important part of your life and we all hope to continue for many years to come."

Club instructor Malcolm Scholes, who has been training for 35 years, applauded the Steers' achievement.

He has noticed a trend in recent years for a wider age range of students to be attracted to the martial art.

Malcolm said: "We have a vast age range of members now, both male and female. The youngest member is just seven years and the oldest is 64."

For details about Grantham Tae Kwon-do Club telephone Malcolm Scholes (Tel: 570616) or visit www.tkdclubs.com

Picture of fantastic family at link.

"Phillip said: "The point of training is not about becoming aggressive and fighting.
The point of THEIR training is not about fighting.

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Why do you spend so much time hunting down these news articles no one reads?

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If he doesn't he might lose the vaunted 'News Editor' tag.