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12/29/2006 12:41pm,
Does anyone have any suggestions on groups in St. Louis that are focussed on practical street defense?

12/29/2006 1:46pm,

Why are you searching for "practical street defense"?

12/29/2006 3:02pm,
Thanks for the welcome. I don't really know the answer, as I haven't been involved in many brawls or muggings, but my guess is that the training would be very "Steve Morris"-ish: a lot of emotionally intense sparring, and no forms. Something similar to mma.

12/29/2006 3:34pm,
Here are the top three self defense schools:

Conflict Avoidance.
Running Away.
Owning a gun.

If you had to fight off an atacker - you don't want to be fighting for your life in the first place - but if you had to, I would recommend MMA training.

While some places do pretty well for self defense stuff, and you can check on FMA in your area, a lot are silly fat guys that don't like to spar and so they do live action role playing instead of martial arts training.

I need to macro this or something, but if you haven't watched it yet do so now. We'll still be here.

12/29/2006 4:04pm,
That video certainly jibes with some of my personal feelings about MA schools. As for the top three self-defense schools: I don't necessarily want to avoid all conflict, and I would like to know what to do if I can't. I don't need classes to know how to run, although good MA experience ideally should help me know when to run. And finally, not all conflict justify pulling out a Glock, nor are all conflicts solved that way.
I would agree that mma is the best, although my concern is that they may be a little to concerned with sports mma leading to low intensity fighting and an overreliance on working to attain submissions rather that keeping and retaking your footing.
In any case, those concerns are abstract. I would have to see the individual schools. Any suggestions?