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12/27/2006 10:39pm,
Ex-boxing champ Durelle suffers stroke

December 27, 2006
Canadian Press

MONCTON Former British Empire boxing champion Yvon Durelle is in serious condition in hospital after suffering a stroke.

Durelle, 77, of Baie-Ste-Anne, N.B., was transferred to hospital in Moncton from the Miramichi Regional Hospital on Christmas Day.

"He's in serious, serious condition," Durelle's wife Theresa said Tuesday night.

She said her husband, who also has Parkinson's disease, is weak, unable to walk and can only speak a few words.

"We're praying and hoping for the best," she said. "That's all we can do."

Durelle, one of 14 children in his family, grew up in the small Baie-Ste-Anne fishing village and emerged a boxing legend.

Dubbed the Fighting Fisherman, he rose through the ranks to become one of the greatest in the world.

His light-heavyweight championship fight against the great Archie Moore on Dec. 10, 1958, at the Forum in Montreal, is one of the most memorable fights in boxing history.

Listed as a 4-1 underdog, the bout made Durelle a legend in Canada, gaining him near-cult status for his performance.

In one of the first fights broadcast coast-to-coast on American television, Durelle stunned boxing patrons by knocking the champion down three times in the first round.

Under boxing rules today except those of the World Boxing Council the fight would have been stopped after three knockdowns in one round and Durelle would have been world champion.

He also missed an opportunity when, after the first knockdown, he stood over Moore watching for several seconds before returning to his corner. As a result of his delay, the referee had to wait to begin the count, and Moore made it to his feet at the count of nine.

Durelle swarmed all over the champion for four more rounds and knocked him down again in Round 5 but Moore held on and eventually wore Durelle down to retain his world championship with an 11th-round knockout.

The fight was the talk of the boxing world and members of The Canadian Press voted it the sporting event of the year.


1/12/2007 5:40pm,
Don't have a link to put up by I am sure by now everyone is aware that Durelle has passed away...
ESPN classic is likely to be airing that famous fight of his with Archie Moore sometime in the near future, so keep an eye out for it.