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8/01/2003 2:10pm,
I read some of the comments on ADCC forum about Bullshido. I propose we challenge them to a debate. We select a team from our side and they a team for them. ONLY the team can comment in the thread. The topic would be something like the history and development of Martial Arts or maybe focus on a phase of development or whatever. The point being to see a well discussed focused debate. We would need independant agreed upon judges. Say 2 from their side and two from ours. And whoever won would have to acknowledge the other as the debate winner (until the next debate).

For our team I would field Wastrel, Asia, JKDchick, SamHarper for beginners ( thats right Boyd forget it!) or whomever we'd vote on to represent us. Also since its our idea, they'd compete on our site. Next time on theirs.

It might be an informative excercise. What do you think.

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8/02/2003 12:35pm,
Do you think they'd take it seriously? Or would they just turn it into a troll war.

8/02/2003 1:28pm,
I suspect at this point it would become a troll-war. I don't know them well, but for those of you who do, are there enough members there to expect that their judges will actually acknowledge if the Bullshido team does make good points?


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Roidie McDouchebag
8/02/2003 3:22pm,
ADCC licks hairy dog balls.

8/02/2003 3:38pm,
ICU, I've got to agree with you. I mean they have some cool posters (Hunter, LDW, Gilga, Darksider, bearnakedchoke..........hell way too many friends to name) but that dude ADMIN sucks major skin flute. He's a fucking idiot! The puppets over there are "allowed" to make whatever kinda comments they want to make. And there is no recourse for them. Truth be known it's a place where only liberal fanatics belong. If you dare to slander what the almighty Admin deems as wrong, you will be banned.


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Omega Supreme
8/03/2003 1:27pm,
A debate would have to have a neutral panel to select topic and their credibility on the issue being presented. I think ADCC's problem is that they were first and assumed to be in a better position. Despite the immature tone this forum tends to get side tracked on, most posters here are actually quite intellegent. My selection for the team would be.
Sam Harber.

The reasons should be clear as each of them has shown expertise in several areas of discussion and could actually build of each others comments.

That being said; Fuckem lets get them in the cage.

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Dark Sider
8/03/2003 6:14pm,
you can't have grego, HE IS OURS!!!

8/03/2003 6:27pm,
I smell jealousy? Oh wait, my bad. That was just something rotten in my trash can.

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8/03/2003 7:06pm,
Grego could be the referee <img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>

Omega Supreme
8/03/2003 8:38pm,
Okay so for an actual cage fight I want on the team, as we all know my IQ is best set for actual fist to cuffs.

I can't believe I actually used that term.

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deus ex machina
8/03/2003 9:00pm,
Isn't it "fisticuffs"?


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Deadpan Scientist
8/03/2003 9:32pm,
Shut up slut

8/03/2003 10:08pm,
I nominate:

Omega - to scare them
Boyd - to outwit them
Jamoke - to annoy the living **** out of them

8/03/2003 10:41pm,
Hmmm, interesting concept. The choice of judges would probably be vital, as would the choice of topics to debate. For truly impartial judges, we might have to go to other websites and recruit the limited number of non-tools they have on hand. As for topics, I would suggest three, for starters. One 'pure' martial arts topic (example: Most effective striking tactics/strategies), one 'political' martial arts topic (example: What the future holds for traditional martial arts) and a non-MA Topic (anything from "What to do about North Korea" to "Best movie ever made"). A time-limit and/or word-limit would probably be prudent for each response, as well as a list of banned words/phrases. Any other ideas?

Omega Supreme
8/04/2003 12:52am,
I say we hande it in the typical bullshido way and challenge them to deathmatches that will never take place.

What do you mean will never happen. They send me there list and its on.

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8/04/2003 7:50am,
I love debating. Then again being on deate teams and mock trial most of my high school career and soon to be college as well, that would make sense now, wouldn't it?

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