View Full Version : "He had some karate skills"

12/23/2006 4:58pm,
So the guy apparently has "a black belt in six different martial arts," and when confronted by a guy with a knife, he goes into horse-stance...


Nice that the guy defended his store (well, he did scare him away and jump-kick him in the back, that should count as defence...right?) but all-in-all, this clip is one big LOL

Oh, and listen to the dumbass asian reporter at the end. :laughing3


12/23/2006 7:02pm,
TKD FTW!!!!!

Doctor X
12/23/2006 9:09pm,

Good thing he did not do BJJ . . . looks like there is some broken glass on that parking lot . . . and is that lava?


G-G-G Ghost!
1/08/2007 12:37am,
Y'all can't possibly have not realised this has been posted before.

Does anyone else think that that can't have been a very aggressive robber? When his victim put up resistance, he was out of there as fast as he could go.
There usually are two kinds of robbers/muggers who would pull a knife - those only wanting to scare their victims and have no intention of using it, and those who can only see the money and would stab their way through whatever got in the way, in order to get that money.......... or so I've heard......

Doctor X
1/09/2007 4:02am,
Thank you for bumping it.


1/09/2007 2:45pm,
good goin on the clerk/store manager's part

and that didnt look like a horse stance