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8/01/2003 11:08am,
Somebody posted another "Christianity and Martial Arts" thread. In the web site they listed, I found the following quote:

"When Christians take up the martial arts for self-defense, they are saying to God, "I don't trust You to protect me.""

This reminds me of a story...

Once there was a terrible flood, and all of the townspeople had to evacuate. One die-hard Christian, however, refused to leave his home. "God will protect me," he told the police as he ushered them out of his house.

As the waters rose, the man was eventually forced onto the roof of his house. Soon, a motorboat came by, and the driver said to the man, "Hurry up! Get in!" The Christian replied: "Thanks, but no. God will save me."

Then, a helicopter flew overhead and let down a ladder. From the helicopter, a man with a bullhorn shouted, "Climb up!" The Christian replied: "Thanks, but no. God will save me."

Soon the water was up to the Christian's neck. Another helicopter flew by, this time very close to the man. A man in the helicopter shouted through his bullhorn: "Grab the runner! We'll get you out of here." Convinvced that his faith was pleasing to God, the Christian shouted back: "Thanks, but no. God will save me."

The man drowned.

In heaven, the man asked God: "Lord, why didn't you save me. I was faithful to the end, and you let me drown."

God replied: "What do you mean? I did answer your prayer. I sent you a boat and two helicopters!"

The moral of the story: (Make up your own...)

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8/01/2003 11:18am,
yeah i know that guy too

according to the Christian philsophy doctrines whatever you call it, it is apparent that God give you "choice"

as sick as it is

Hard work, Patience, Dedication.

8/01/2003 12:51pm,
Off on a tangent here...

If one truly trusts in God, it can enable him to release a lot of tension, and that aids martial ability.

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Tong Po
8/01/2003 1:49pm,
I believe God created martial arts not to be mis-used, but for His creations to have a tool to defend themselves.

8/01/2003 2:26pm,
I believe that God invented the martial arts for the Christians, to assist them in destroying and dominating other cultures and pagan religions. The crusaders did a combination of TKD and Fencing.

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8/01/2003 2:29pm,
I believe that god had jack **** to do with the creation of martial arts.

8/01/2003 3:37pm,
or small asians

Hard work, Patience, Dedication.

8/01/2003 3:41pm,

Hard work, Patience, Dedication.