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12/22/2006 6:43pm,
After having lurked around the forums for a while I decided write a post for noobs by a noob.
But before I start my diatribe some not so FAQ about myself to avoid having to answer this again.
I am 35 I started karate when I was 14 had to stop for personal reasons for nearly 11 years and I have back at for 2.
I am not a supporting member of this forum (yet)or affiliated to anyone here so donít accuse me of being a biased or anything of that nature I am a traditional ( not sport) Karate but I try to be open-minded about other MA as far I am concerned there is always more to learn elsewhere .
No I do not grapple not because of choice I think grappling is both cool and effective I just donít have enough time to do more MA right now.
Yes we spar in my dojo
No I am note here to debate if one or the other style is better and to quote the NEWBIE faq ďStyles don't beat people, people beat people.Ē And besides if actually think any single style will make you invincible you deserve to get your ass beat
Yes I live in Belgium but I spent my childhood in the US and yes Belgium does have the best beer in the world.
No I do not care for Jean-Claude Vandamme I think he is a great dancer however ;-)Now to the point
Ok so I decided to express my feelings about this forum for other noobs and lurkers who are not quite sure if the should participate.

I have been on the net for years and well was never really into forums until last month I thought there might some good MA forums to make contacts get info exchange thoughts etc.. I was very disappointed with the over censured and in some cases religiously bias forums out their but I did catch some whining about bullshido (language abuse etcÖ) so I figured I needed to check it out for myself and make up my mind .

I have to admit when I first lurked around Bullshido yeah got admit there is a lot of harsh words and pissing contest going on but as the saying goes ďWhen a wise man points at the moon the fool stares at the finger..Ē So well I tried to look beyond the trolling and cussing and I must admit I was shocked and pissed off!
Not at the abuse and the language but at the actual amount of fraud and bullshit the Bullshido people have exposed.
I mean I canít believe people fall for this horse hockey: invisible ninjas, human stun guns who can knock people out by yelling at them not mention the self promoted 10th Dan Soke with a 3 year guaranteed black belt program along with a PHD in martial arts for a non-accredited university form a modest price.

So for my fellow noobs that are offended or unsure about Bullshido I say this:
Donít shoot the messenger!
Donít be offended by the forum be offended that there is a very real need for this forum
Even if personally donít always care for some of the form and trolling, I cannot stress the necessity and the importance of what this forum is trying to accomplish.
The MCdojos fakes, flakes and frauds should be exposed they bring discredit to martial arts/combat sports and worse yet they put people in danger both physically and mentally.

And to the guys from Bullshido I say this:

Keep it up what you are doing it is a vitally important public service. I donít always agree with everything I read here ďbut hey opinions are like assholes everybody has oneĒ but I truly respect the end goal you are aiming for.

I have a love/hate relationship with this forum I hate it because well you took away my innocence :sad1: but I love it because it made me realize how lucky I am not to have fallen into one the frauds MCdojos

Ok I am off to do some research for MA history thread.

12/22/2006 7:32pm,
didnt read a damn bit of that. welcome.

12/23/2006 12:19am,
It was actually insightful reading.

Welcome. The longer you're here the more you'll learn. Also, as a side effect the good part of your soul will slowly die.

12/23/2006 3:29am,
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12/23/2006 4:11am,
w;elscome to b ulshi doasdo. Youdo w9iill Lilke it Here9. It Allows for sexytime witi h Ch.mhuneners

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12/23/2006 8:24am,
Too long but read anyway. Yes, Belgium=the best beers.
Cut a few hundred words off that post and it will fall under the category "Good First Posts".

Bienvenu a Bull-fucking-shido.

Love, Potty mouth.