View Full Version : Reputable Toronto Muay Thai?

King of Nigeria
12/21/2006 4:37pm,
I've been around to numerous toronto Muay Thai websites, but they all seem to either focus on boxercise or "fitness".

Are there any reputable, hard muay thai gyms in or around the toronto area?

12/21/2006 9:11pm,
u may not be lookin hard enough
i googled it quickly, and found results that i know are reputable MT places

Goju - Joe
12/21/2006 9:17pm,
There's lots of clubs that compete what area of TO are you looking at?

12/21/2006 9:34pm,
My teacher trains at House of Muay Thai (http://www.houseofmuaythai.com), you may also want to check out some BJJ gyms since they usually have muay thai instruction as well.

12/21/2006 9:37pm,
Tiger and Siam #1 come to mind.

Chushin Ryoku
12/22/2006 12:47pm,
Siam #1, Training Ground, and there are many MMA places that offer MT (Kombat Arts, White Tiger BJJ, Toronto BJJ, to name a few)