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12/15/2006 10:02pm,
Alright since every body else did, and this seems the place to

Name: Dodger (thats what everone calls me, I don't like baseball nothing to do with the team.

I weigh 145 lb. I'm from TN

I did tkd form when i was 6-10
I got a black belt, ad think my age proved how bad the school was.

I am an excellent grappler, and have won a couple bjj tournaments.
I like to roll with the three hundred pound guys oin the gym that thing they are great and beat them just to humiltate them. I don't like arrogant fat guys

I have the regretable habit of being kind of a Ronin. My coaches/ senseis all move or leave town etc. That leaves me with the gift of having been trian very slightly in quite a few martial arts.

When i actually fight, (and it happens alot) i like to kick people in the head. Good fighters try to close the distance to grappling range, where i am even more happy. I just don't like to box on my feet.
I have four concussions form foot ball, so i kind of have a glass jaw

I am a sardonic asshole and a pesmistic idealist ( that means i find new interesting ways for things to suck)


12/15/2006 10:09pm,
And you like to practice neck cranks in BJJ, which makes you an evil little bastard too.

Welcome to Bullshido!