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12/15/2006 3:06pm,
I've been interested in martial arts for a long while now, but never got around to participating.

I'm planning to sit in at a few schools and watch different arts to see what interests me, and I'm wondering: What exactly should I look for or be wary of at schools?

Also, there's a gym not too far from me that I'm curious about, it seems as if they make a good deal of claims but I've never heard of it. Link:

Oh, and hi everyone. :O

12/18/2006 4:39pm,

I'm off to watch a ATA school's Krav Maga class tonight after I hit the gym, I'll recount it later, if anyone's interested.

Not very interested in krav, but I'm looking to take up boxing in my free time.
Can anyone tell me anything about boxing that'd be handy to know before I jump in?
I'm 150lbs, 5'8", in moderate physical condition. Never really took a punch, but I've been grappled and thrown more times than I can count.


12/18/2006 4:47pm,
Move your head.

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sound advice, thanks for the welcome. :icon_surp