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12/12/2006 11:07am,
Hello , I've been going on this site for the past month or so (it was recomended by a good friend of mine)and reading all that i could, but i haven't had the time to post any thing yet. I've got 2 weeks off work , so i decided to post something. I'm a french canadian from New Brunswick, Canada. Here a bit of my MA background: started out with TKD when i was about 7 until i was 13 , did some Hap Ki do for a bit, had a few Kick Boxing classes. Learn a bit with Kali and JJ from my cousin (who was one of the best MAists i've meet). At the age of 15 I became interested with capoeira, never took a class since i lived so far from close place( i think i was about 10 hours away) but read alot about it . Now i've been stucked into the MMA univers, i've have yet to have a class or fight, since i'm not aware of any MMA dojo in my small city, but i've started to train doing alot of bodyweight exercise, weight lifting and running, and fighting my brother, or with my dad .. hahaha ... anyhow that's about it.
oh and i appoligies for my bad spelling


12/12/2006 11:32am,
Area for training? i'm not sure what you mean by that ... hummm well i train at home, I live in the country so there alot of fields and trees and rocks... live about 30-40 from civilization .... not sure if that's the answer to your question but voila

12/12/2006 4:38pm,
Welcome to the forums ;)