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12/11/2006 10:17am,
This was originally posted to the Dojang Digest by Rudy Timmerman and I thought I'd pass it along to get the word out about this fraud.

Greetings everyone:
The following link http://www.nkmaf.com/membership.htm (javascript:ol('http://www.nkmaf.com/membership.htm');) takes you to a
fraudulent website that blatantly uses copied certificates as well as
my good name (with a slight modification). I am sure that this
person/persons use more than just my good name to pad their
pocketbooks, and I have noted in my research that Master Ian Cyrus 's
association name also comes up.

As you visit the website, you will see a geup level certificate they
sell that actually has my signature on it. Incidentally, they are
charging more than I am lol. They also have copied my Dahn level
certificates, although I am sure they are not the embossed type which
cost a lot of money to do, and I have the original plates.

The website almost uses word for word what I have in my own website,
and the contact actually took an unsuspecting applicant to MY Yahoo
email address and then forwarded it to one of their own. Yahoo fixed
that, but there does not seem to be a way to fix the other problems.

The contact name you end up with, after a run around designed to
confuse you, is Shane Comely out of South Africa, and I am sure this
person is the same who controls the fake website. He uses a pyramid
scheme where he claims that the "GM" has territorial commanders who
"take care" of new applicants who wish to join the organization.

The trail leads to Germany, South Africa, and the finally the US. Mr.
Comely also has his own website on an art called In Nei Moo Duk Kwan
he apparently "founded" himself.

I have notified RCMP (Canadian Feds) who work closely with the FBI on
these matters, and they are investigating at this time; however, IMHO
it seems more efficient to just let people know, and the DD may
prevent some poor sucker pay more than he needs for a fraudulent

Not quite as sad as the schemer who used the late GM Wolmershauser's
certificates on E-Bay, but a sad case of martial arts gone bad just
the same. Seems to me these folks miss the whole point of martial
arts for a few bucks.