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7/30/2003 12:38pm,
Has anyone heard of this art? It is a Burmese art involves alot of grappling and a style of boxing similar to thai but also allowing headbutts?

7/30/2003 12:48pm,
Yes, but Bando is the "self defence" version of lethwei or Burmese boxing, which is the ring version.

The boxing full contact it's self isn't necessarily "Bando".

Good sites to go to:

www.THAING.net (there is a Bando section, also go to the video clips section...)

More information:

Headbutts in Burmese Boxing (Bama Lethwei), are legal in the Ring Sport, which is pretty much the same as Muay Thai, apart from mostly the sport is fought with bare knuckles, or just hand wraps, ala Muay Cad Cheurk (Bare knuckle Muay thai).

Also there are more legal throws allowed in Bama Lethwei than Ring Rules Muay Thai, including Hip throws and Pick-Ups/ throwdowns etc, which are against the Ring Rules of Sporting Muay Thai.

Sorry to contradict, but Bando is the name for the art which is the source of Bama Lethwei and not Burmese Boxing itself.
Bando is a total Martial art that allows for everything and is not a sport, whatsoever:
In Burmese Martial Arts the terms are as follows=

Thaing (Self-Protection, the name encompassing all these arts)
Bando (More evasionary, complete art)
Bama Lethwei (Burmese Boxing, the Fighting Art/Ring Sport)
Nabuan (Wrestling, Ground Fighting etc)
Banshay (Weapons)

Lethwei matches are mostly standup affairs, these days...
And some of the fighters are very good, it's fast becoming a Professional force to be reckoned with...

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7/30/2003 12:50pm,
Thanks for the info. Has this art proved effective in the mma arena?

7/30/2003 12:54pm,
martialarts.about.com has some links about bando, also some contraversy about one of the lead guys in bando lying about his military career in Burma. Interesting read.

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7/30/2003 12:54pm,
Well I haven't heard of it in MMA. However the Ring boxing version called Lethwei/burmese boxing is practically identical to Muay Thai/ the style of MMA or San Shou (Chinese kickbxoing)and they do very well in MMA. So to answewr your question Yes, it would do well in MMA, especially if they knew submissions/had a ground game.

"If you don't know how to Grapple/Wrestle you don't know how to fight, that's the prerequisite to fighting" - David Tank Abbott. (http://www.bisons.net/bisons/training/necessity_of_competition.html)

7/30/2003 1:11pm,
From what I understand Bando is not Burmese boxing. Its a different art. It has some similarity to san shou????

I have studied some Kymer kick boxing. In Kymer kick boxing they allow more throws and striking at vital points etc. The stances are slightly different than Muay Thai's. The middle area is protected more from a rising elbow etc.

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7/30/2003 1:26pm,
I know one of the guys from AFS (www.thaing.net) did pretty well as a profesional grappler using only the Naban he learned there.