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7/30/2003 7:19am,
OK, I have been studying and considering much of what has been discussed here. Heres my question. Against a bigger stronger opponent (take notes Vargas for your intro to Asia, Go Army)... Leverage is key. So, is the side mount easier to hold and work from then mounted (bucked off and all that)? Working from the guard allows you to employ your arms and legs against an opponents arms only? Major joint attacks are quicker then chokes? Or chokes will definetly end the fight faster? Your thoughts....Oh, I still think there is something to chi!!! Sorry, Peedee.

7/30/2003 7:24am,
If you're opponent has a noticable size difference and you try to work him from the guard, chances are you're in for a slam.

7/30/2003 7:27am,
So how would you approach him...with a gun (just kidding).

7/30/2003 7:36am,
Hm...Very carefully? Dunno, I'd just use a lot more caution.

Fisting Kittens
7/30/2003 7:55am,
I prefer side mount on bigger guys. Though if its MMA I try and work for the north-south to bomb knees on his head. **** that submission ****.

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7/30/2003 12:55pm,
About a month ago, I rolled with a guy named Omar at the academy. He weight maybe 130lbs. I couldn't get him off of me, as we were working on full mount escapes. I was bridging like a mother fucker as well. Could not do it.

Depends on how well your opponent is in grappling or fighting. But on the ground, without him attacking, I could not get him off.

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7/30/2003 2:32pm,
I always prefer a knee in the stomach any day versus a full mount in Shooto. It allows (for me) better punching and gives more mobility. Plus I can always transition into a full mount if I need to quite easily. An armbar is quite easy from a knee in stomach when someone tries to push you off. Also as Fisting said, if you can get a north south, you can start with the head meets knee trick.

In BJJ I would rather have a full mount, since I know more submissions from that position and striking is out of the game.

7/30/2003 4:37pm,
at least against me (maybe cause i've only been doing for aroudn 5 months), smaller better people use open guard and it is really effective

Omega Supreme
7/30/2003 8:17pm,
As Anthony can testify since he's such a big guy, there are a lot of holes. Hard for a big guy to leverage. I love knee on stomache knocking the wind out of most guys and playing the switch game.

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Shi Heng Che
7/31/2003 4:20pm,
Excuse me but i would like to ask a question. What is MMA? Is this military martial art?

In my humble opinion size matter very little if you have the correct working knowledge of how your techniques work. I may not be able to throw somebody using only muscle power if my opponent is bigger than I but if I understand the basic principle of stability then i may see an opportunity to stagger my opponent.

7/31/2003 4:45pm,
mixed martial art

A sort of pseudo style. A catch all phrase like gong-fu except it refers to the various things people are doing these days at NHB competitions. There's no hard and fast rules as to what it includes but generally means a mix of Muay Thai or Boxing combined with Judo or BJJ or Wrestling.

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7/31/2003 4:54pm,
On topic,
I've submitted guys outweiging me by 30-40 lbs with guillitines. Not as much luck with the arm bars. I get the occasional rear naked as well. I'm not convinced yet that it's the only way. The problem is, the first thing that comes to mind in stand up is knee shots but I can't really test that out on a friend, can I? I've handled plenty of big guys at stand up but that's assuming a signifigant skill difference.

I don't worry about getting slammed by someone in my guard because I'd rather stand up anyways. If he wants to stand, that's my chance. Same goes for side control. If I don't see an opening for a choke real fast, I'm probably going to want to use my dominant position just to get back up. I'm not raising the silly topic of 'anti-grappling' but you CAN just play a very defensive ground game. Regular old Judo stuff, just focus on defense and grab your chance to stand when it comes.

...the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders...tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism, and exposing the country to greater danger."-- Herman Goering at the Nuremberg trials

7/31/2003 5:09pm,
Side mount is easier to hold for most people. You have alot more control of the man on bottom but you also have less opportunities to strike him, which is why side control is considered inferior to full mount. In full mount, you can hit your opponents face but in all likelyhood he wont be able to reach yours.

Also, if someone stands up in your guard...open your legs. You shouldn't need me to tell you that. He cant slam you if your not attached to him. Let go and either place your feet on the ground or drop your butt to the floor and grab his ankles.

7/31/2003 5:19pm,
****, everybody has said the same things that I wanted to :)

I'll add this though:
You must keep moving, never stay still. If you do manage to get to a dominant position, immediately attack something. Doing this forces him to concentrate on defending that attack rather than throwing you off him. Once he starts defending a sub then you can look for openings on others. Don't forget that this principle also applies to when you are on the bottom; attacking something can provide a distraction from him controlling you, and allow you to bridge or something.

I find that size doesn't tend to be that big a problem with takedowns (not to say that it doesn't make things harder, of course): if you get the proper position and leverage, you can lift people much bigger than you.

Aggression, explosiveness and timing seem to be the keys for me.

7/31/2003 5:55pm,
The way you do a high lift in judo allows you to pick someone up without them still holding onto you. It's more difficult to get than a regular 'ole slam, but it's not impossible (actually, I've only been on the receiving end, because I'm so damn small).

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8/01/2003 12:15am,
In martial arts, the smaller you are, the better. Small guys are fast and usually have a chip on their shoulder. Big guys are slow, muscle-bound and sort of easy-going. They like to kick back and relax alot. When a big man falls, its like watching a huge tree being chopped down. Falling . . . falling . . . falling . . . CRASH!!! Damn, that had to hurt!

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