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11/29/2006 1:37pm,
Tiger Schulman's has now become MMA, which is odd because when they were in my town they were Karate and the commercials said Tiger Schulman's Karate. Now they say Tiger Schulman's MMA. Do they somehow think they will make themselves less of a McDojo or are they just digracing another style with their overpriced crap.

11/29/2006 1:49pm,
Answer is Yes, it's McDojo price. No, it's not disgracing another style.

TSK initially started as off-shoot of KK as traditional karate. Later on, catching onto MMA scene. TSK reformatted their classes to include kick box and submission grappling. Notice it's called kick box and sub grappling, not MT or BJJ or Judo, etc. so it doesn't pertain to any particular style. Consider it smart use of generic terms.

11/29/2006 2:13pm,
I do agree they have McDojo practices, but I heard they have soma active mma fighters and they do enter BJJ tournaments(although they have EVERYONE enter so they can win total points by school category).

11/29/2006 3:45pm,
I was unfortunately roped into a TSK class when i was younger, and actually got up to brown belt, but it was a money opperation and the sensei was almost never there. Thus the class was left to his black belts and well frankly it was sub par. We hardly ever sparred and pretty much never got to go all out. Which actually i think helped me get my ass beat on one or two occasions not having any real fighting experience. I was wondering if anyone knew if anything had changed since they tried to get into the MMA thing.

11/29/2006 3:53pm,

Well, although they may be a McDojo, someone there knows what the hell they are doing.

11/29/2006 4:08pm,
It appears i missed out in instructors and perhaps i judged the school as a whole too harshley. As for me we never did much but Forms and bord breaking and stuff because the class was left to the black belts. There were more times than i could begin to count, when he(the Sensei) would come into class and leave five minuetes in to take a call and never return to the class. so despite getting to brown belt i learned almost nothing.

11/29/2006 5:31pm,
Tiger Schulmans schools are the hardest to classify.... they are so dramatically different from each other, its mcdojoness really relies on the person teaching. the ones i have seen have been both shitty and excellent, but only at those extremes, no intermediates.

11/30/2006 1:31pm,
...but Forms and bord breaking and stuff...

Forms and board breaking are no longer part of TSK curriculum.

11/30/2006 3:59pm,
i didn't know that, i haven't been there in over 3 years. The reason i started this post because i saw a commercial where all of the sudden they were saying they were MMA instead of Karate.

11/30/2006 4:05pm,
McDojo-ism does not mean or imply sub-standard teaching. It's simply a way for the school to generate income and up to each student to decide if they are getting a fair deal.

11/30/2006 4:25pm,
Yes and from what im hearing I got a raw deal but there are TSK schools that excellent teachers. I don't know weather i feel more or less ripped off than i did before.