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7/28/2003 12:55pm,
What do you think? Which ones are the greatest fights in martial arts history.I have two candidates.

1.) Royce Gracie vs Kazushi Sakuraba
( 90 min fight ! )
2.) Antonio Rodrigo Noguiera vs Bob Sapp
( Nog survives Sapps piledrive whow )

7/28/2003 1:15pm,
Ken Vs Ryu

7/28/2003 1:22pm,
I would have to say (although there are more):

Ali vs Foreman
Ali vs anyone.
Frank Shamrock vs tito ortiz
Chuck Liddell vs Randy COtoure
Mino/Nog vs Bob Sapp
Mino vs Fedor
Royce Gracie vs Kimo
Rickson vs "Zulu"...
Cotoure vs Belfort
Frank Shamrock vs Igor Zinoviev
Frank Shamrock vs Jeremey Horn (from what I've seen.)

Many, Many others.....There are a lot in the lighter weight divisions....

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7/28/2003 2:54pm,
eddie gordo vs. vordo
link vs yoshimitsu
joey vs. shane (2 ov my frends 3 HOURS!!!)

7/28/2003 3:48pm,
Goro vs. Shang Tsung

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7/28/2003 4:13pm,
joe lewis vs. max schmeling. those MMA champs may be great, but how many of them can say that they defeated hitler's champion?

7/28/2003 4:25pm,
I love Royce vs Yoshida. I just wish they would've let it finish. I didn't realize until rewatching it yesterday that Yoshida ended with a full mount!

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7/28/2003 5:17pm,
Helio VS Kimura
Royce VS Severn
Sakuraba VS practically the entire gracie family
Marsh VS Kung fu guy
Musashi VS anyone
Ruas VS Varelans
Mino VS sapp

7/28/2003 5:21pm,
Oh and Silva VS Couture in an aerial shaving cream battle

7/28/2003 5:23pm,
Do you believe that modern NHB fighters fall into the greatest fights in martial history?!

Maybe a few of them, but COME ON!

Man there are a lot of fights that are better than that:

Mel Gibson vs. Jet Li in Lethal Weapon 4.

Bruce Willis verses that German dude in Hard to kill.

Keanu Reaves vs. Agent Smith in the Matrix.

Superman vs. Lex Luther

Batman vs. Mr. Freeze.

Don't you guys watch anything other than sport fight shows?

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7/28/2003 5:42pm,
real life fights and movie fights are very different things, movie wise there is the usual jet li ,jackie chan (and of course 'rowdy' roddy piper Vs keith david, in they live)
in real fights do you for one second (and dont be biased in the usual way..) that the listed UFC/pride fights will be assessed in the collective conciousness in 30 years time as 'great fights' the way that Ali's fights are? or even Tysons early period?

7/28/2003 5:48pm,
TCDD: Oh, really? I could've sworn they were the same thing.

I'm thinking that a precious few of the modern NHB fights will be remembed as the greates in martial history. And if they do, it will be based less on the merit of the fight than the fact that it was recorded on video.

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The Wastrel
7/28/2003 6:02pm,
Okay thomasaaron, let's all vote on the greatest real-life fights ever that we haven't seen!

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7/28/2003 7:45pm,
Frank Shamrock vs Tito Ortiz is still the best

Maurice Smith vs Mark Coleman - 2nd best

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7/28/2003 8:05pm,
Mario Vs. Bowser

7/28/2003 8:19pm,
"Mino vs Fedor"
that was a good fight? kinda boring.....

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