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Red Elvis
11/22/2006 9:37pm,
AR549 (Bryan Lee),

I find you an interesting guy. You came to Bullshido with the clear intent to start hate mongering towards Marc Denny of the Dog Brothers because of your personal vendetta against him. You did this in the guise of Marc's former ties to a martial artist known as Gyi (who has falsified his military credentials). Instead of confronting Mark directly in his forum as was told to you by many Bullshido posters you choose to do it here instead. It then comes out that you had indeed posted on the Dog Brothers website regarding another issue (Islam) where you deleted your own posts and left in a huff when everybody called you out. (It seems you never answered anybody's questions either).
Thread (Very Long Read) http://www.bullshido.net/forums/showthread.php?t=47296

With your hate and bias towards Marc exposed coupled with your inability to rally any Bullshidoka to your side you then begin to attack Gabriel Suarez who is Mark Denny's business partner on a DVD production called "Die Less Often". You attack his credentials and his character (as you did Denny's) on issues that Gabe is very much open about. Lo and behold it turns out you were banned from Gabe's website for your rants about Islam in which you never answered anybody's questions.

Also in your Dog Brothers hate thread you were asked numerous times about your credentials, your military background etc. yet you continually ignored peoples questions and just used your cut and paste abilities.

In a thread regarding the interface of guns, knives and impact weapons you again begin to attack Marc as a hippie, draft dodger and ramble on and off about selling videos and DVD's for a living just as you did in the first thread. Again you do not answer questions, you cut and paste from google and you refuse to discuss just where your experience and credentials lie. Not only have you argued these points with civilians but you have argued with both former and active LEO's and military who have all shared their backgrounds or are willing too.
Thread http://www.bullshido.net/forums/showthread.php?t=47765

In between these threads we find you:

Arguing with verified military personal the values of modern Army and Marine Combatatives where you again are asked to provide your credentials. No dice. http://www.bullshido.net/forums/showthread.php?t=24766

Arguing with people over knives where you again are asked to verify your credentials. No dice.

And finally arguing again with LEO's and military people regarding firearms where you are called out to provide credentials. No dice.

To date you still have not provided any background, credentials or experience about yourself. What you have provided are countless cut and paste jobs and personal ad hominem attacks on Marc and Gabe amongst others. While asked over and over again you apparently are still "working on it" as was told by you to Samuel Browning.

So basically you come here advocating that we all should just listen to you about guns, knives, BJJ, martial arts instructors, military combatatives, personal home defense et al without a single inkling of who you are. Additionally you bring forth mention of a guy who we should all be listening to by the name of W. Hoch Hocheim.
Thread: http://www.bullshido.net/forums/showthread.php?t=48323

Well, I'm game and I am always open to learning new things and checking out new people. What I find on Hoch's site does surprise me however. No, nothing regarding Hoch surprises me, just the following interaction of one Bryan Lee and some other items which I will limit to four points:

1. Hock has deleted multiple posts regarding rants from Bryan Lee (AR549) about Gabe Suarez in which Hoch mentions:

"Just in case you are now reading this before the prior emails are removed because they are quite hyperbolic, there has been a hyperbolic discussion between Mr. Bryan Lee and Mr. Gabe Suarez. {...} Mr. Lee challenged Mr. Suarez on several patriotic points and challenged Marc Denny also. Points detailed were that Mr. Suarez went to jail and Mr. Denny supports a Dr M. Gyi. {...} Not too sure, but I think there must be more water under the bridge than those two very public points, because Gabe already tells everyone, openly, he went to jail and Marc Denny has a personal, public connection with Dr Gyi so he supports Gyi."

2. Hock regarding Gabe Suarez and Bryan's response:

"Gabe has been around awhile and he shares and echoes all the commonplace knowledge of gun range people everywhere. I have never seen him or heard of him doing anything wrong or dangerous. Nothing new or different, just the commonplace information and drills. I don't see how you could go wrong?"

"I had been watching a Gabe DVD that Paladin sent me. Which was just fine. As I said earlier, there is nothing wrong or dangerous with a thing Gabe Suarez teaches."

Here Bryan Lee (AR549) provides an apology:

"Hock, Sorry if I took it to far, The information I provided is not very well known but it is all over the net. I will drop the subject but feel free to ask me any questions about myself if any concerns have been raised. (Bryan)"

This raises an interesting point. Bryan Lee will not provide the Bullshido community with any info although he is "very knowledgeable", but will provide it to Hoch. Understandable, Hoch isn't out to "get him".

3. Hoch doesn't have anything negative to say about the Dog Brothers or Marc Denny (as does Bryan) other than what they do is not new or unique. A quote amongst many found:

"As Joe Lewis says...
"Nothing replaces ring time!"
It is only sad for our country that such a thing as a Dog Brothers Gathering is so special. It shows how little the other USA Filipino systems train properly. But in order to retain students you cannot destroy their body regularly. Smart systems and instructors have ways to convey the education abstractly. As I like to say, I don't have to be shot with a bullet to know it hurts,
BUT! As I see with Airsoft and even gas gun training, I'd like people to hurt a bit more and react properly when they are shot ...God its a tricky business and juggling act.
But age and healing time does have a lot to do with continuing to do it."

4. Apparently Bryan Lee is not only adept at pissing people off at the DBMA, Suarez and Bullshido websites but on Hoch's forums as well. These statements and questions look familiar and some downright interesting:

Re: The new front, Same as the old front
Couple of quick points...
On the threads you linked to on Bullshido etc you more or less got accused of the same thing you're doing here which is posting the same stuff over and over on a site that isn't really set up to deal with the topics at hand and ignoring all or a lot of questions that you're asked. Do you not see a pattern?
Of course...once again I'll put money on the fact you won't actually come back on this thread and address any of the issues I've raised...all you'll do is post something you've cut and pasted from somewhere on the web denigrating the Americans or the Israelis. It's sad that someone who has your intelligence and is a representative of your religion can't ever seem to address the issues. It really doesn't set a positive example of Islam when you can't seem to do so.

Re: Muslim Fanatics
You STILL didn't answer my questions. Every issue you raised re my posts I had the courtesy to address. You avoid answering mine like the plague.

Re: Muslim Fanatics
So Brian, it still appears that I can't find your answer to Uncle Nicky's questions, and as for Kentbob ( my favorite action figure ) it also appears that you can have your opinions on terrorist affairs in the world, but that his are wrong.

Re: Muslim Fanatics
...I have another question though (not that you answer many of them )...
Nick Hughes

Re: Muslim Fanatics
Uncle Nicky,
You are asking him (Bryan) to answer a question directly. I just can't see it happening as he has not answered any of your questions directly in this post, without a great deal of Muslim political rhetoric tossed in.

Re: Muslim Fanatics
Bryan if you hate America so much why don't you move to a nice Muslim country and live under the sharia ? We would be glad to take up a collection for a one way plane ticket.

Re: Muslim Fanatics
Spanky, Most of the people on this forum already know what they are saying, You repeating it over here over and over along with pictures and the typical ignorant attitude of "Love it or leave it" is old news, nothing new. Hock has already had to delete some posts and he is a busy guy, I respect his time and the forum. Lets not waste his time here,

Re: Muslim Fanatics
Well, his first post here was to flame Gabe Suarez. I checked Gabe's forum and he was banned there. I also found this using a net search:
Benjamin Liu

Re: Muslim Fanatics
so I guess I will have to post a picture of me in my cool "Infidel" T shirt
Bryan Lee was raised as a Christian in the State of Arkansas. He joined the US Army at 18 and relocated to Europe. Today he is a American Muslim expatriate in Southeast Asia, a historian, and documentary photographer.
Re: Muslim Fanatics
A historian and documentary photographer who can't or won't answer a question. Imagine that.

Re: Muslim Fanatics
Now Bryan you have really gone off the deep end saying Nazis were Christians
Let me take a wild guess you are a product of Arkansas public school system ? you are obviously a poor historian and just another whacko Muslim like the rest of them, dude stop smoking' what ever it is there in Thailand

Re: What do you want?
Ummm do you Know Mr. Suarez? Have you corresponded with him??
Let me point out I have exchanged emails with him. He and I spiritually are not on the same wave length. Iím a Neopagan (openly thus) and he is a Hard Core Christian.
Yes he is not that fond of Islam. Whoop dee doo. Iíve got sod all respect for several groups myself (NeoNaziís and other racists to begin with).
IF you have an issue, take it up with him, donít bitch and moan like a sniveling coward, in a forum he most likely does not read on a regular basis (oh and FYI he is not off every form, he survived on Pax Baculum, where it is easy to get booted from, and he has detractors who actually can enumerate their issues over him!). Talk to him.
I understand you feel set upon as an Islamicist. So what. I as a Neopagan have had years of such miss information, judgment, and on two occasions PHYSICAL attacks (their mistake!). Get over it, as the last Chancellor of my University said in a serious of adverts. Be a GOOD example of your faith, learn to debate and use facts, not sniveling.
Nuff said.

Re: Muslim Fanatics
Bryan, since you keep on pointing to stupid sources for your information, I'll do the same. Go watch "Hellboy," "Constantine," and "The Peacock King." There's probably more out there but I don't watch that many movies.


So Bryan, without even having touched on your patriotism issues (which having read many posts of yours on multiple sites confuses the hell out of me) I come to this final multiple part question in which a whole thread is dedicated. Once and for all, so we can all know the truth.

What is your background and experience that gives you
a. the right to judge us
b. the right to judge others who you blatantly attack via the web
c. the knowledge that we all lack regarding knives
d. the knowledge we all lack regarding military combatatives
e. the knowledge we all lack regarding firearms including "clips" and "guns"
f. the knowledge we all lack regarding the interface of the above
g. the patriotism we are missing
h. the knowledge of how the US is currently spelling "muay thai" wrong
i. the knowledge we all lack of BJJ, MT and effective armed self defense
j. why you know more about the aforementioned items than countless military and LEO's

How about it? Once and for all? :5sonar:


TKD Black Belt
11/22/2006 10:37pm,
Goldie: What do you think Joe?

Joe: Well it looks like Red Elvis has thrown out a vicious overhand right and caught Bryan square on the chin. He's definitely rocked and looks like Big John will be stopping this in the first round.

Goldie: You have to wonder why some people get in the ring?

Joe: He's an animal! Let's see how Eddie Bravo had the round scored.

Eddie: Wow, that's all I can say wow! Pin point striking and abundant use of facts over fiction give Red Elvis an easy 10-6 round.

Joe: Thanks Eddie. Back to you boys!


11/22/2006 10:41pm,
excellent recap TKD

Doctor X
11/22/2006 10:51pm,


11/22/2006 10:58pm,
TKDBB...is that a streetfighter joke in your quote?

AR is one of those conundrums - he raises a few good issues, and then shits all over them with adgenda. That's too bad - it prevents really talking about the parts of his train of thought that might be worth hearing.

11/22/2006 11:03pm,
his favorite quote you mean?

11/22/2006 11:04pm,
AR is one of those conundrums - he raises a few good issues, and then shits all over them with adgenda. That's too bad - it prevents really talking about the parts of his train of thought that might be worth hearing.
I'm surprised we haven't addressed some of those issues ourselves, just for completeness.

TKD Black Belt
11/22/2006 11:37pm,
TKDBB...is that a streetfighter joke in your quote?

Which one sir?

excellent recap TKD

Thank-you sir!


11/23/2006 1:18am,
Point , set , and match.

Well done Red Elvis...well done.

11/23/2006 3:01am,
Red Elvis, Go ahead and see how far you can take it. I never offered any qaulifications, none whatsover, I have never to this point made any public offering of training civilians because I have to obey the UCMJ unlike some other civillians but I did offer for one of Gabes and Marcs best friends to come stay at my home in Thailand and see exactly what was going on over here in person but Cold War Scout "Rudy" and Ill leave off his last name turned out to be just as big a dickhead as the two of them. Gabe and Marc know exactly who I am and where I live since we have mutual friends, Thats what started all the bullshit in the first place but I guess you dont know Marc or Gabe well enough for them to tell you the real story, so youre not jumping into it as a defender of them being used just as Rudy has been used to defend them all over the net.

The way it started is I met a guy named Tom Sotis who I became friends with who likes to come to Thailand where I live. Tom is a cool guy and knows a bunch of stuff about knives. As it turns out later he is the knife instructor for Gabe Suarez and teaches lots of classes for those guys. Rudy is the mod on Toms website and one day someone mentioned Dog Brothers and since I had checked out there stuff I said basicly the stick stuff was fine but the leader was a racist since he linked his website to Danish websites that had rants and speeches saying **** All Muslims and Buy Danish Products and went on about how American he was for saying such things. Presenting himself as a International expert on Muslims and terrorism when the guy has never even been to a Masjid, The equivelant of being a expert on Christianity without ever going to church even one time.

Rudy responded and said basicly "Thats my freind and he aint like that" so I went over to the website and asked him personaly about it and wrote sevral long letters concerning Muslims in the Military and all I got was a bunch of cut and paste responses from Jihad Watch Magaizine and other Islaomophobic rantings, Then I stumbled onto the Warrior Talk forum where Denny is also a moderator and business partner and saw what these guys were saying behind my back and it pissed me off as I felt I had been honest in my dealings with them and I had opened up about my choice of religion and how I lived which is very personal only to be ridiculed and painted as a Islamofacist by a bunch of guys who were never in the Military, I deleted my posts and wrote a **** You Exit and never bothered with Dog Brothers again til mark wrote more **** about me on the Warrior Talk forum and reposted things that I had deleted from his forum in other places on the interweb. So **** him, only later did I find out a connection to Gyi with him and was it ever a connection as it turned out.

So by all means let the topic go on and on, Truth is a beutiful Thing, I will get back to this as Im out of coffee for the moment.

One of my first letters to address the situation around the begining of June 2006

Crafty and Gabe, I will address the two of you together if you donít mind. First I will again apologize for commenting about you before asking you directly about my concerns. I am a Muslim. Iím sure some on the internet wouldnít guess that but all who have ever met me in person would be hard pressed to come to any other conclusion with my always adjusting my schedules for prayer times and my wife wearing a hijab. I even wear a turban and sarong just as is our dress in Indonesia, Southern Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Coastal China, and Brunei, just not everyday . As a American it is my right to convert to any religion as I wish, Thatís what my families personal military sacrifice has earned for me and all Americans.

I come to you both now simply as a American. We all know that all is not right with the world just as all is not right with America, Crime, Poverty, injustice, hunger, and many other problems not mentioned. I donít feel as if we can resolve those issues here so I will leave them off the table. I represent myself here but I will take a stand for all law abiding Muslims within the American Military including Veterans, Local Law Enforcement, Fire Departments, and other unnamed Government Agencies. We are a small minority within the system and one to be cultivated as we grow, not to be alienated, offended, or just treated as boys in the racist traditions which were a blotch on our American History. Do not confuse us with the enemy and do not confuse us with haters of America for we are not, we are Americans. As Americans we ask for no special privileges or treatments we ask only this, Please do not promote hatred towards our religion, just as we as Americans would never promote hatred towards your religions. There is no need for me to list every offense on the internet but I will say this, Dehumanizing individuals with words are a play straight out of the nazi/kkk/fascist playbook. To refer to any group which is within the United States with Fcuk them all, is simply intolerable. As are using terms like F-ing Muslim, F-ing Jew, F-ing Catholic, F-ing Protestant and also terms like muzzy, Haji when not used with a individual name as a second, towel head, sand ******, kike, wetback, and ******. Using or just allowing the use of words like this will not make any of us better Americans or better fighters, if anything it will make us all worse for not standing together and not being able to identify the true enemies of America by wasting precious time and resources directing verbal fire within our own compound or just drunken fighting amongst ourselves.

These issues are just now surfacing within our community and it is well within both of your rights to stay the path your are on or to be a leader in the direction that the Marines, the Army, the FBI and many other agencies have chosen to take, the writing is on the wall for these matters it is up to us to make a proper interpretation then act on it. If I did not believe both of you, Crafty and Gabe were patriots and honorable men I would not waste my time writing to you personally, Thank you for your consideration, Bryan Lee

Concerning Israel, I personally have Israelis friends. Iím quite sure we vote differently and before I deeply considered it I was guilty of making some stupid comments on the matter. Different ideas have nothing to do with respect, which I will show here by not engaging this issue further. With all the money that has been spent and all the political meetings that have been undertaken since 1967 to no resolution the Israeli/Palestinian issue is beyond the scope of these forums.

Concerning Gitmo, If you knew me you would know my Military observations for the most part are based on a long history of Military and International conflict and rarely are they even perceived as promoting my faith. That said, the current situation in Gitmo was a terrible idea and a lazy one to begin with. We are not doing anything there that could not be done elsewhere without the link to a communist dictatorship and the abuses we have accused them for since the beginning of the days of Castroís regime. The stigma of secret torture could have been avoided and has just furthered the cause of those who would do harm to America. I can expand on this later if you wish but I will add the President was just on CNN and appears to be trying to distance himself from the issue and has stated they will be sending home more people ASAP.

What Gabe was saying in public on DBMA forum

I don't post here often as my time is very scarce these days. Marc D is my good friend and dare I say, brother in arms.

Interesting thread.

I think that the Marine Commandant is probably following orders from above him. Believe me that there are plenty of people who would set him straight if he was not. POTUS wants to cultivate allies not enemies.

Was this right or wrong to do? Not my call as I am not a Marine.
I have my ideas about what this entire war is all about, but that is for another time.

I think the gist of the thread is that Muslims are being treated with less than courtesy by some people (ie. the Danish cartoons for example). Well, that may be so. But I hardly need to remind anyone that the sum total of all terrorism against Americans in that past 25 years excluding McVeigh has one common thread running through it. Moreover, I didn't see many Orthodox Rudssians, Episcopalians, or Presbyterians rioting when Christ was depicted disrespectfully in turn. Nor have I seen or heard of Israel bombing a mosque when an Israeli flag gets burned again. Call me crazy maybe, but actions speak far louder than any words.

The biggest step that "Mainstream Muslims" could take in order to change their "image", is for their religious leaders to come out and condemn publically and totally the acts of terrorism being committed by Hamas, Al Queda, etc. And to keep doing it continually. And for the masses in these islamic countries to do likewise.

As of now, there have not been many loud exclamations of this, and that contributes to the distrust. Well, no intention to throw a grenade into the works, just my .02 on the issue.

Gabe, I respectfully disagree with you on the matter of Marine Corps Commandant Gen. Michael Hagee, I will offer this for you to consider, To simply say he was following orders insinuates that he personaly disagrees with the actions he has taken. I will stand up for the General here and say this, "A man of his caliber I dare say would never and I mean never take one single action that is not in the best intrest of the Marines nor one that went against what he truely believed." Unlike the general public he has every peice of the puzzle when it comes to seeing the big picture on matters as delicate as this. His actions taken and oppinions are based on a lifetimes experiance in the Marines and service to our country, Not on what politicains say to get votes nor what news agancies choose to say in order for them get ratings to sale advertisements.

As for the treatment od Muslims throughtout the world, That is a seperate issue than the treatment of Muslims within our small community. The just of this is simple, Do you Gabe and Do you Crafty want to include Muslims within your group, If you do then there must be actions taken from both sides of this fence in order to work together. Again it would be much easier for me to just not address any of these issues, That would just further the fragmentation of the military community. Whether anyone chooses to believe this or not the door has been opened and the red carpet laid out to include as many Muslims as they can get into the Military and other goverment agencies. Those in the Military training community who understand this and take action now will be much better off in the future. Bryan Lee

Gabes general attitude about me behind my back on his private forum

06-20-2006, 04:52 PM
Gabe Suarez (http://suarezinternational.com/forums/upload/member.php?u=3)
Supreme Infidel Commander
Join Date: Sep 2003
Posts: 4,485

Troll Attack
I've just been discussing some politics at another forum with a gent who apparently takes exception to what we believe here. I was just informed by Trace that we have since then received a great number of Spam Attempts and other cyber shennanigans. It would be very interesting to see which country these came from.

We see you hadji!
Gabe Suarez
Suarez International USA, Inc. (http://www.suarezinternational.com/)
One Source Tactical (http://www.onesourcetactical.com/)
[email protected] ([email protected])
Office 928-776-4492

Blessed be the Lord my rock
Who trains my hands for war
And my fingers for battle

Psalm 144:1

After Gabe started a bunch of bullshit with me

Gabe, thanx for the threats on other forums, in private mail on this one, and the Bully on the playground mentality you bring to the table. If you want to come on this forum and attack me and troll my threads and posts I will defend myself. You are nothing to me but a loud mouth full of jailhouse religion that when confronted with truth and reality crys foul and bans people off your forum then attacks them. Confronting me here will only bring more public awareness of the real you a slithering snail leaving slime wherever you go. Please remember you are the one who attacked me first on your forum and then banned me. You had my email address all along and could have just e-mailed your threats and criminal mentality antics but you came here and disrespect the forum and the group as a troll trying to piss me off. I have way to much respect for Tom to come on here and try and yank peoples chains and play double entendre games with people like you "Gabe" who I would not piss on if they were on fire. Say what you mean and mean what you say! nuf said.

You did get one thing right, Im way to fat, 6 ft and 340 pounds of sarong wearing Arkansas deliverence, If you plan on showing up in my world like you threatend you may want to go ahead and start sqealing like a pig now, I prefer long high pitched sqeals from tall talking know it all ex-con cops.

Back to the topic, Anyone with commen sense knows that mechanics are forever driving home and test driving cars that have no licenses nor insurance, most of these guys are hard working Americans who are not trying to break laws but are just trying to get a job done so they get home to the family and put food on the dinner table then do it all again the next day. By all accounts this was a nice hardworking guy with paperwork problems murdered by a convict who was allowed into the wrong cell before the right papers could be signed. This is a bad situation gone horribly wrong, calling him stupid or blaming him does not change nor cover the mistakes that were made. An American is dead for basicly going to work.
"We flew in real low, in front of that bastard's house,
and I threw the head so it bounced right on his porch and into his front door," Uncle T
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Gabe Suarez

Joined: 09 Aug 2006
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 15, 2006 8:42 am Post subject: Reply with quote

1). thanx for the threats on other forums, in private mail on this one, and the Bully on the playground mentality you bring to the table.

My Answer - I don't make threats homey.

2). If you want to come on this forum and attack me and troll my threads and posts I will defend myself.

My Answer - A mite touchy aren't you?

3). You are nothing to me but a loud mouth full of jailhouse religion that when confronted with truth and reality crys foul and bans people off your forum then attacks them.

My Answer - No Brian, I am much more than that. As far as you being banned from Warrior Talk, yes you were....for siding with the Islamo-fascists that want to kill Americans all over the world.

4). Confronting me here will only bring more public awareness of the real you a slithering snail leaving slime wherever you go. Please remember you are the one who attacked me first on your forum and then banned me.

My Answer - Wow. First of all I ghave nothing to hide from anyone. My classes are full and business is good. You were banned by picking fight s with people who didstrusted Muslims. I still have the posts saved BTW. "Leaving slime where ever I go". That was very clever Bryan.

5). You had my email address all along and could have just e-mailed your threats and criminal mentality antics but you came here and disrespect the forum and the group as a troll trying to piss me off. I have way to much respect for Tom to come on here and try and yank peoples chains and play double entendre games with people like you "Gabe" who I would not piss on if they were on fire. Say what you mean and mean what you say! nuf said.

My Answer - Wow again. Criminal mentailty? You have no idea. Disrespect the forum? Nope. I have nothing but respect for Tom Sotis and promote him and his organization every time the knife comes up. "Trying to piss you off". Gosh Bryan....I guess I didn't try...I guess I did. Are you mad now Bryan??

6). You did get one thing right, Im way to fat, 6 ft and 340 pounds of sarong wearing Arkansas deliverence, If you plan on showing up in my world like you threatend you may want to go ahead and start sqealing like a pig now, I prefer long high pitched sqeals from tall talking know it all ex-con cops.

My Answer - 340 pound? Based on your latest picture I'd say it was at least a very girlish 350.

Oh yes Bryan...I know all about you. I have your stats and history from my criminal contacts there. Ha! I hope we really meet one day. I really do. It will not go well for you.
Gabe Suarez
www.suarezinternational.com (http://www.suarezinternational.com/)
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Gabe Suarez

Joined: 09 Aug 2006
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 15, 2006 11:46 am Post subject: Reply with quote

I have nothing but respect for Tom. He is the man I credit primarily as to giving me a sound knife foundation. I have no intention of continuing this.
I suspect that face-to-face meetings would be a mite more polite.

Thanks again

Gabe Suarez
www.suarezinternational.com (http://www.suarezinternational.com/)
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Bryan Lee

Joined: 09 Jun 2006
Posts: 81

PostPosted: Fri Sep 15, 2006 11:58 am

Gabe, plenty of criminals are making money all over the world, Your classes are full, good for you. You are one of those guys that everytime you open your mouth people get to see your true colors, a big yellow flag with nothing on it. Yes you do have a criminal and thug mentality which goes well with the kind of students you attract, those who do not have Military backgrounds, those who believe they are at war with a religion and not individuals, the unlearned who just do not know any better. Everything I have said to you is public record and I stand behind what I said.

Let me ask you a few things, How good is your lawyer? I know you beat a felony by pleading out for a year in jail so you could keep on proffiteering off gun training you recieved from taxpayers. The war on terror is a big payday for you but where were you on September 11? in jail? Is your lawyer going to be good enough to get you out of a rap for murder when one of the students you teach to dump clips into targets from five feet gets paranoid and murders some innocent person because you fail to teach the most important aspect of firearms training, evaluating a legitamite target before engagement?

As far as the rest it is just you blowing more hot air so you can bragg to the unlearned who watch tv and think that your version of firearms training is the real deal. The thing about you Gabe is the only place you can hang out is on your own website where you ban anyone who disagrees with you about anything. Since you dont have any credentials nor rank you just give yourself the title Supreme Allied Commander and now with the war on terror you have become the Supreme Infidel Commander complete with t-shirt uniform.

Oh yea, I know you have been looking for dirt on me, good luck with that project, Everyone on this forum already knows Im a Muslim and the only reason you really had a problem with me on your forum is that you hate Muslims, pure and simple. You hate me for being a Muslim just as much as Hitler hated Jews for being Jews. Its the same thing, your the same thing. So go ahead and keep running off your mouth where everybody reading can see for themselves just who and what you are. Bryan Lee

I will try to address each and every issue brought up as I would be most happy to make all relevant information public, Im currently making the transition from a private life to a more public one. Im not going away anytime soon as I will be offering training in Muey Thai and other Combative Arts throughout Southeast Asia by the middle of 2007, I will offer a limeted public resume at that time to satisfy or inflame my critics as they choose.

Sincerly, Bryan Lee

Roidie McDouchebag
11/23/2006 5:24am,
Why don't you offer it now instead?

11/23/2006 8:21am,
Hey ar549...

Please sum up point by point your beef with these guys. From what I read you are just a touchy S.O.B. who doesnt like people to disagree with him.

I didnt see anything wrong with the things they posted. I happen to agree. The terrorists who have attacked this country since the 70's have been 99.9% Muslim Faithed People.

The US doesnt hate Muslims, nor do I. If the Muslim fathed people of the world feel strongly about terrorism (i.e. against it and what it says about their faith) then they would stand up and scream at the top of their lungs. They dont. They riot and bitch and whine when someone speaks out against their faith or pokes fun at it. They talk about how they believe in peace, yet they never help in stopping the violence. Do they rally against these terorists? No. Do they turn them in? No. Do they publicly cry foul after an attack? No. To me they are just as guilty as the bombers themselves.

Muslims get upset that people make fun of them, or in this case, make cartoons about their founder. So what? Muslims refer to non-muslims as infidels. You may not but you arent really a muslim. You are a convert, and havent been raised in that world. People make fun of Jesus ALL the time. Do Americans lash out and riot, burn other countries flags, blow up buses full of children in response? No.

I see in your post you refer to the Nazi's. This IMO is a last resort debating tactic used by those who have no real argument. You throw that around to try and make your point more valid, but it doesnt. It only shows your ignorance. The Nazi's (NOT the Germans) exterminated millions of Jews. Now, you use them as a reference about hate and violence, yet you fail to realize that your faith....HATES THE SAME PEOPLE (THE JEWS) AS THE NAZI'S.
Your faith (HAMAS) blows up their children and innocent people in Israeli markets and buses daily, and have been doing it for years. How does this make them any different from the Nazi's you seem to think embody hatred and violence. They dont use gas chambers and ovens, but they sure as hell use bombs. It isnt the method, its the methodology.

The American Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan go out of their way not to do ANYTHING that the world or muslims would consider sacriledge. (Attack Mosques full of terroists) This ties our hands a bit. I say that if they (muslim terrorists) are hiding in there then **** THEM. Blow that son of a bitch to allah. We dont though because we (the US Government) want to show that we ARENT anti-muslim but anti-terror. If these mosques were so important to the muslims then THEY would get the terrorists out of them, and not let them store weapons in there. But they dont. They harbor these murderers, day in and day out.

So in the end...it seems not that you have a problem with the Dog Brothers teachings on stick/knife fighting but their personal beliefs about your religion. You hide your dislike under these premises (against their weapons skills) to get your foot in the door to spew your muslim bullshit. Much like you have done here on Bullshido. If you are going to talk like you are an expert, give the impression that you are an expert, then please show me that you are an expert. If you wont then your opinions on the subject are no more valid than mine.

Don Gwinn
11/23/2006 8:26am,
Maybe it's not all written yet?

Anyway, this is a tangled ball of Bullshido indeed. Gabe Suarez went to jail for defrauding the taxpayers by claiming a bunch of workman's comp benefits while continuing to do very physical fight training on the side to make more money.

However, more interesting than that is that there have always been rumors that Suarez's claims of having "seen the elephant" in real lethal force incidents are either fabricated or exaggerated. One source says several incidents Suarez claims as "officer-involved-shootings" on his record were actually instances in which he was required to shoot a dog.

On the other hand, I've seen no real evidence to back that up.

In the interest of full disclosure, I have a tangential link to Suarez through Rich Lucibella, who hates his guts. Rich publishes SWAT magazine and owns The Firing Line forums. Search for Suarez over there and you'll find a lot of arguing back and forth about Suarez and his backgrounds, but also about what he teaches.

11/23/2006 9:05am,
Why don't you offer it now instead?

There is no big hurry, Why do you think Gabe, Denny, Elmore, nor Rudy never attacked my background? They already know enough not to, They were already told everything I ever said checked out by people who know me. Maybe thats a good job for Samuel to do if he is up for it.

There are some respectable people on the forum and Im not here to make enemies of folks that know what they are talking about. I have a high regaurd for BJJ although some wish to take my past statements and use them out of context. The reality is I was introduced to BJJ around 10 years ago by Rafael Lavato in Oklahoma City, I was back in town a couple months and worked out with him and his son Rafael Jr who is now the youngest American to ever get a Blackbelt at 21. I have the highest regaurd and respect for Rafael and his Son who was just a kid back then but he was training with grown men back when he was 12 or 13. I think I was around there for two months but it may of been less. It gave me a good introduction to the basics. I ask that nobody call them making A ass of themselves but If you actully know the man feel free to ask him about me.

At the time I had just spent a few years breaking horses or starting colts if you like the term better. I went to school and worked in horse barns from Wyoming, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas and finally Florida where I took a job with D. Wayne Lucas handling horses and hot walking them. It was a fantastic place to work but my love has always been cutting horses and wide open pastures like the Plains of Saint Augistine or the area around Capitan New Mexico where I spent a spring working for John John Johns. You would most likely know the place as Lincoln County the home of Billy The Kid, but it is a beutiful place, to bad they want to turn it into a nuclear dump if they havent already. I made a few paychecks at Mr. Lucas in Ocala and drifted back to Key West which I called home till 1999 where I worked at places like Fat Tuesdays and Rum Runners Key West.

One night I went to town in Carrizo New Mexico and got drunk with some dirty old cowboy and was telling him about all the places I had been and all the horses I had ridden and broke, I spoke so proudly of myself only to have him look me in the eye and say "Boy, You is just a drifter aint you" The way he said it was very insulting and derogative. I wanted tell him he was just a farmer because real cowboys never owned a damn thing but guns and saddles and they just took horses and ***** as they pleased but I sat there and kept my mouth shut and got another beer, Somehow I met a pretty atractive woman about my age and ended up getting laid and drove back to the ranch drunk getting back just in time to puke and go back to work. Life is funny you know, That night in carrizo was so long ago and far from me now but I still can cook up one hell of a huevos rancheros for breakfest and in some ways I will always be a drifter, for better or worse.

More on this later,

I made this post a couple weeks ago but nobody responded to it.


http://www.bullshido.net/forums/themes/tren_z/statusicon/post_old.gif 11-06-2006, 05:33 PM

Most of the people on the forum are aware of the history of Grappling, Its recorded start in Egypt and the way it was overlooked and underestimated in North America until the First UFC matches where those who had no ground game were overcome by smaller men who used skill to overcome strength. BJJ went from virtually unknown to the front page of every martial magazine in America and Europe. Even Chuck Norris got in on the BJJ scene and included it in his TV show Walker Texas Ranger.

About every school these days seems to incorperate some kind of ground skills into their program, some go for the straight tournament aspects of the sport others are less definable. I realize some of the members of the forum are all about MMA and some are BJJ tournament guys and there are some active duty military guys who are in the mix too.

I would like to hear some in depth accounts of actual useage of grappling in Combat or hear some ideas of ways it can be used. I have been looking into the Armys current program and see some really good ideas being put into action. In the past it was left up to the men to learn their own styles of fist fighting and knife work outside of a few elite units, this is changing and its a good thing.

The best thing I see is the access to training, you can do it anywhere, anytime, under all weather conditions and you do not need any gear. Injuries can be avoided by starting guys closer to the ground as they learn and they can get a good feel for whats its like to forcibly move another person without much risk.

Boxing on the other hand is not the kind of thing you can get a company of say 2 to 3 hundred guys outfitted and geared up for but grappling is, A few sargents could have a platoon started in mere minutes in a grassy or sandy area. About the only negative from using this as part PT and part Combat training is has having 50 guys in your platoon with colliflowered ears.

It would be great if anyone that has actually been through the new course could tell us a few things, Its probley best to leave off peoples real names, ranks, training locations, or any secretive stuff even though most of it is already on the net. Thanx in advance for all sincere replies.

Don Gwinn
11/23/2006 9:26am,
Uh . . . . . yeah. I guess that answers that question.

The short version of all that stuff above is "No, I'm not going to tell you anything. I'm a fraud. Here's a pointless story about what an awesome cowboy I am."

Red Elvis
11/23/2006 11:19am,
Congratulations Bryan! You are making progress by admitting that you have a personal beef with Marc and Gabe because of your internet "debate" with them regarding Islam. So it really isn't about patriotism, veterans, martial arts and selling videos blah blah blah is it? It's more about a personal vendetta because they disagree with you.

Here's an interesting point. When people debate each other they typically use facts, they typically respond to points made and they typically respond to questions. As above you don't seem to comprehend that art of debating, rather you embrace the art of cut and paste and eventually slander, ad hominem attacks and mistruths. If you take the time to go back through your exchanges on the DBMA website
you will see that people are being very cordial with you until the end. (I know, it's difficult to do as you have erased your posts). It seems however that you did not respond to their questions or debate like a civilized person. It only got ugly when you continued to step it up a notch.

It is more clear at Hoch's site and I invite the members of Bullshido to sign up so they can read your exchanges. It seems just as I have illustrated above that you don't debate but rather ignore questions and cut and paste. We are seeing it here again. Although to your credit, you are behaving a bit more civilized there than here or formerly.

BTW - Why is it that you felt the need to attack Marc and Gabe in THIS forum? Is it solely based upon the fact that you disagree regarding Islam or more pointedly terrorism? Enough so that you would try to gather fellow Bullshidoka to your side through your mistruths? Do they teach you that in your religion? In Christianity, I believe there are references such as "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" and "he who is without sin may be the first to cast the stone". You remember that I'm sure as you were raised Southern Baptist in Arkansas were you not? If Islam is better than that why do you continue in your efforts under the guise of patriotism, selling videos to make a living et al. Why do you continue with slander and personal attacks? I would think that Islam is better than that. (At least, the non-killing terrorist version of Islam).

But I digress, it appears as though I have only asked more questions in a thread which is really dedicated to you providing your credentials. I used the examples in the beginning of the thread to show how you refuse to answer questions and debate yet you are so well versed in many subjects. If this is true, then why not show us? Right now you are alienating yourself by disagreeing with a good percentage of people who have actually been there and done that on this site and who are willing to back it up. I ask you to please do the same. (Notice I am being cordial.)

You postings of what transpired between you, Marc and Gabe are nice. You are coming clean. But lets not avoid the main issue of this thread which is presented in post #1 at the very bottom. Please answer the main questions.