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11/14/2006 6:21pm,
Hi there,

Im Nick, , Holland, 18 y/o and I decided to once and for all log-in on this account to get rid of the annoying messages only to find out theres more annoying messages waiting for me because im not posting. Hence, this topic. Also, I like trolling.

Im dutch so I kinda naturally started doing Thai Boksing after a wee little bit (2 years) of hardcore TKD. I also train BJJ for 1.5 year now, but it seems I'll forever be a whitebelt because Rickson rarely sends over a blackbelt to do tests. When we do get a blackbelt the testing fees are way too high for a poor and cheap student like me. Also, everyone fales the very first time so we get to pay the fee at least 2 times.

So in my first-ever thread I would like to state that Rickson is Bullshido.

11/14/2006 7:52pm,
lol Rickson is not bullshido but mcdojo i guess you could say. mcdojo for money grubbing, bullshido for not knowing what they are teaching. but yeah that sucjks about the testing.

11/15/2006 12:48pm,
Welcome. How much is he charging you guys for testing?