View Full Version : Ultimate McDojo/Cult/Pryamid Scheme

9/04/2002 3:00pm,
Check these losers out for a laugh.
Iowa City Moy Yat Wing Chun (http://www.kungfu-videos.com/)

The entire curriculum they teach is on the "Kung fu in action" (http://www.kungfu-videos.com/kung_fu_in_action.html) page.

These guys charge out the ying yang and expect the students to pay all the teacher's personal bills plus they charge literally thousands of dollars to learn their crappy forms. If you question they excommunicate you and they do a fair dinkum job of controlling the minds of the students they lure in from the college. looks like a tax evasion scheme to me.

9/04/2002 3:40pm,
Are you an ex-student of these guys?

Just curious about how you know these guys.

"An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind"

9/04/2002 3:41pm,
Well I don't see anything concerning money on the page and I don't know what proof you're offering that these guys are a Mcdojo. Feel free to elaborate before pointing fingers.