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7/25/2003 9:01am,
I just read a pretty shocking story on MSNBC.com.

It involves kids that were forced into bare knuckle fights bytheir counseulers while at summer camp. The purpose of the fights apparently was betting and charging money.

You can read the story here:


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7/25/2003 9:09am,
Yeah, I read that....

That's pretty bizarre.

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7/25/2003 9:14am,
cool! I wish I was forced to fight in a bare knuckle fight, at camp ... :(

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7/25/2003 9:17am,
See what MMA is doing to this country?

Actually, that is fucking hilarious. It sounds like an episode of The Simpsons.

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Fisting Kittens
7/25/2003 9:37am,

The only way this could be any better was if it was a fat camp.

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7/25/2003 9:53am,
Good thing they didn't have any 10-year-old TKD-blackbelts present ...

7/25/2003 10:11am,
Children... welcome to fight camp.

First rule of fight camp is you do not talk about fight camp.

Second rule of... you get it ?

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7/25/2003 10:28am,
I want 10 bucks on the fat kid with donut powder on his cheek.

7/25/2003 11:33am,
yes. this is old. kungfoolss had this already liek several weeks ago.

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7/25/2003 1:48pm,
HAAHAHAHA. A friend of mine actually went to a camp where something like this happened (he was little, maybe 11 or 12). I can't remember if he had to fight though. I don't think the counselors bet or charged money, either. I think they did it for their enjoyments.

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7/25/2003 3:14pm,
"yes. this is old. kungfoolss had this already liek several weeks ago."

The article was posted on MSNBC.com yesterday. The new part is charges have actually been filed.

And brandeissansoo broke the story here on Bullishido on July 8, not Kungfools.

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7/25/2003 8:40pm,
Those kids are pretty tough tho, 5 fights in 5 days.. He should get a special bare knuckle boxing merit badge for that.

Fatality Dragon
7/25/2003 11:03pm,
LMAO!!! The counselor treat those boys like animals and pin them against eachother like a cock fight! I bet 20 dollars on thin one that have grouchy look on his face!

It is a rat eat rat world.

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7/25/2003 11:39pm,
wowo [email protected] the last poster on every thread in the first page....

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Deadpan Scientist
7/26/2003 2:14am,
No, I posted it.

deus ex machina
7/26/2003 2:19am,
It would've been better if it was gay camp.


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