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Neil Priest
10/24/2006 6:01am,
Hey guys!!
Need your help in a small experiment.
Recently, people I know came upon the following video:


It is being used to tout the supremacy of Shaolin MA. I disagreed giving the following reasons and I quote:
"1. The WTF style of fighting. Passive kicks, no striking.
2. The linear fighting of the monk. No side stepping, no attempt to strike.
Only 'fighting' that I saw were high kicks and acrobatics. This was at best, an exhibition."


I also asked them to see the following videos of inter-MA combat, some of which we have on our site. Again I quote:

"If you want to see real MA fights check these out:

Kyokushin v/s TKD:

Karate v/s Brazilian jiu-jutsu:

Kyokushin v/s Drunken Kungfu:

TKD v/s Muay Thai:

Aggression, conditioning, skill and intelligence v/s plain size:

Here's the explanation I got:

" and you collected all the videos from google which were eventually from bullshido.com
that means all the fighters there in the video are bullshidos.it is also clear in the video.world level fighters dont fight like that **** or whatever as in those videos.

and the video:shaolin monk fights a taekwondo champ,is quite a original one cause the fighters are by no way seemed to be novice,they are quite experienced.it was clear in there each move.the fight was not at all staged fight as the offence and defence techniques were very natural."


Please see the aforementioned 'Shaolin MA' video and give me your comments.
To see the 'orkut' links you would probably need an orkut account. But nyways the point was to get your comments for this little experiment as my dear friend has quoted that "world level fighters don't like that stuff"


10/24/2006 2:06pm,
I get a "The link you have clicked is not available" page when I click on the bigupload link.

10/24/2006 3:23pm,
I remember that Shaolin Monk vs. TKD champion video. It was a staged matach. It is claerly and "Ok you attack, ok it my turn now" type show.

also you do Isshin Ryu. lol...Isshin Ryu.

Goju - Joe
10/24/2006 9:29pm,
There's a fellow who posts on here every so often who went and studied at the Shaolin temple in china and wrote a book on it called " A monk from Brooklyn" http://www.amazon.com/Monk-Brooklyn-American-Shaolin-Temple/dp/1932966102

I have read some exerpts on line.

Anyways he found only a couple of the monks had real fighting ability. Great athletes and conditioning but the don't really train hard to fight

Sofa-King What
10/24/2006 10:24pm,
im lookin for a fight........

AKA Gafanhoto

EDIT: Drunk

Neil Priest
10/25/2006 12:19am,
I get a "The link you have clicked is not available" page when I click on the bigupload link.
The file got deleted. Here's another link for the same:


Sorry 'bout that!!


Neil Priest
10/25/2006 12:24am,
also you do Isshin Ryu. lol...Isshin Ryu.

When I tested for my Black belt many years ago, they made me give a written examination on the history of Karate. A senior instructor told me that 'Isshin ryu' was spelt 'Isshinryu' and that too pretty harshly. :angry1:
These kinda' things stay with you. :sad:

---Neil :laughing1