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9/04/2002 6:54am,
What is the best girl on girl action that you've seen in your life? Any good stories?

This brings up another topic. In a real fight you are most likely going to be wearing clothes. Any favorite techniques involving clothes other thanjust gi techniques? (

9/04/2002 9:55am,
My sister banging this girls head against a bumper of a car comes to mind.

9/05/2002 2:53am,
There were these two girls fighting in a classroom that I walked by in high school. I didn't get to see what happened but I heard one of them got her shirt ripped off right in front of the class. Missing that fight scarred me for life.. well, I'm over it now. I'm just saying. Heh. :P

9/08/2002 5:53pm,
see the best cat fights arent between ghettos, its wigger chicks! They fight hardcore because they actually have something to prove. lol. "Hell nah you did not just call me white biatch! *smack*"

9/08/2002 6:25pm,
Besides my mom while I was growing up lol. I'm not kidding I saw my mom go off on this teenage girl and then go off on her mom. My mom was a blackbelt in Judo, did boxing, and some escrima. Needless to say I was more afraid of her than my dad.

9/15/2002 1:00pm,
we do ground fighting at TKD, and the girls always have to wrestle with the girls, which tends to bring the male population of the class to a standstill. he he he!

12/02/2002 4:06pm,
I think girls fight is much more agressive than boys fight. We do free figthing in Wing Tsun and it's terrifing to see girls fight. They hit even when their opponent is setting armour.

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12/02/2002 5:31pm,
There were these two girls fighting in a classroom that I walked by in high school. I didn't get to see what happened but I heard one of them got her shirt ripped off right in front of the class. Missing that fight scarred me for life.. well, I'm over it now. I'm just saying. Heh. :P

There was a fight like that in my high school while I was still going there. It was just like the one described above, except the girl with the missing shirt looked like a Sumo Wrestler's girlfriend who got hit in the face with a lead pipe. So it wasn't a pleasant experience.

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12/02/2002 5:55pm,
When I was in 10th grade, one of my nieighbors got into trouble when a girl in her class told the teacher that she was copying someone else's homework. She made 3 very bad mistakes.

1) She ratted out a skinny white girl that was into dating mexican guys, so she had to prove she was tougher than any mexican chick.
2) They rode the same bus home and she had the guts to talk **** about her on that day
3) She didn't run home after getting off the bus

Well, the tattle tale got off at the bus stop before me and my neighbor did, so once this girl got off the bus she like gave the finger to my neighbor, will my neighbor goes running off the bus, (as do I and everybody else that wanted to watch the ass kicking). So instead of running home she walks and says "I don't want any trouble, I don't want any troube" and then my neighbor pushes her to the ground and as she trieds to get up she starts punching her full force, got some faces shots mainly body shots, and then the chick balled up into a fetal position while my neighbor started to kick in her back.

This one woman stopped her car and yelled from the window "isn't somebody going to stop her?" we all looked at the lady like she was stupid and then she drove off.

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12/02/2002 5:58pm,
I made the mistake of trying to break up a catfight in a nightclub once. They both turned on me before I got the hell out. I'm never doing it again.

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9/29/2005 2:34am,
hey michael let's trade stories

i have an account of a erotic tickle catfight between two girls

give the details of your mom's catfight

did she fight or wrestle?

write [email protected] for details

9/29/2005 2:43am,
Last week we had a chick fight in out VIP room. That was some classic ****. Normally when there is a fight all of us come running to break it up. This time everyone just came running. It had to go on for a few minutes with us just standing tehre watching.

This is the same night we had two girls start making out and then the other girl shoved her head under the other girls shirt.

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9/29/2005 2:46am,
These girls got in a crazy fight in Tiajuana years ago when i was under age drinking down there. One girl my friend was hitting on, and when see came back (she won) she just kept going on about "that Fucking Bitch" over and over.....after about five minutes my friend pointed to her hand, whats that he said....

she still had all these gold chains clutched in her fist that she had torn off the girl! and didn't even realize it. She threw them across the room and got all crazy mad again!!

Theres some crazy vid at Kladblog.com of a cat fight showing some open guard and then the girl gets kicked in the facce, but I can't figure out how to make the link work.

9/29/2005 4:13pm,
I was sitting in one of my old watering holes having a beer one night and all of a sudden I hear this crashing sound to my right. I look over and here are these two chicks going at it, hockey style ..just holding handfulls of each other's hair wailing away on each other. They fall over on the ground and the chick on top starts ramming the other girl's head off the ground..brutal action!
Then, to top it all off, the bouncer comes over and pulls the chick that is on top off and she's kicking away and NO UNDIES!!
Good to go for a beer now and then..

9/29/2005 4:29pm,
One time I went camping with my girlfriend and another female friend. We drank some wine and smoked some weed and then the girls started...

Oh wait, sorry, you wanted to know about chicks *fighting*....

In high school these two big fat ghetto bitches started brawling. It was the usual yelling, slapping, clothers ripping extravaganza until they closed to clinch range and one chick bit a big chunk out of the other girls lip. And you now whats really gross? Tjhey didn't find the chunk until several hours later....

9/29/2005 5:39pm,
Holy **** this is an old thread. For a second I thought Chambers had comeback, and there was a new micheal on the board!

How did you find this thread?