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10/15/2006 7:08am,

Kosho is a game or martial art conceived by actor Patrick McGoohan for the highly admired 1967 television series The Prisoner. The game of Kosho is played on two trampolines set on either side of a four-foot-by-eight-foot tank of water and bordered on two sides by a wall with an angled ledge and hand-rail. Two helmeted opponents each wear a boxing glove on their left hand and a lighter padded glove on their right, and while moving freely in three dimensions attempt to knock, push or throw each other into the tank.

Serious fun. This sport has to be revived, and soon.

Doctor X
10/15/2006 8:57am,
Given the intentional surreal intentions of the show, I wonder how much of it was serious as opposed to "hey, this will **** up the viewers even more!"


"Be (http://www.moviesoundclips.net/tv1/prisoner/seeingyou.wav) seeing you!"


bishops finger
10/15/2006 10:17am,
man thats awsome! tis the future right there!..would it work vs teh street?

10/15/2006 10:26am,
:XXcat: In street version they have piranhas in the tank. Or lava......

Goju - Joe
10/15/2006 10:52am,
I can't begin to say how sad it was that from the title alone, before I opened this thread, that I knew exactly what TV show it was from.

The Prisoner by the way is a fricken amazing TV show, way ahead of it's time for weirdness and suspense before twin peaks and lost.

Doctor X
10/15/2006 4:49pm,
. . . and the Village is a real place!!


bishops finger
10/15/2006 5:04pm,
how do you choke out one of them giant bubble ball things then ,eh eh? see you got to learn wepons if your gonna survive a trippy 60s disstopia
mind you any fool with a kniting needle could take on those things lol

Doctor X
10/15/2006 5:12pm,
Pull guard. . . . .