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10/13/2006 10:51pm,
hey fellas,

I'm new to the site though i spent a couple of weeks just reading but i thought it might be good to introduce myself. I live in NYC and I've been involved with a few styles of martial arts. First when we just came to America and i was about 8 or 9, my dad sent me to tae kwon do. From what i read here it seems to qualify as a mcdojo...the belt promotion was guarunteed if you paid the fee and there was always something new to buy though i didnt stay too long. It wasn't so bad though, those things seem to be geared towards kids and so it was perfect for 9 year old me. Also i figure since 90% of the students were russian as we lived in a russian neighborhood, not too many people complained about getting hurt in class (we didnt even expect sparring gear when we signed up) and so we had sparring every week that only became point sparring at tournaments otherwise we went all out and some instructors even allowed takedowns so i guess i lucked out. Didnt last long though and i stopped going after about a year.
up until high school i stayed away from martial arts, my dad signed me up for swimming at the ymca and i felt in great shape.

Once i got to high school, alot of my friends were into thai kickboxing and theres a regular contest for it on brighton beach and the boardwalk so we have some pretty decent fighters in the area. One of my friends used to teach me a little when we hung out and i even got to train at a sambo school in the neighborhood which was good since there were alot of adults and no one took it easy on me but taught me alot. Senior year was great, i signed up to a dolphin gym with a membership fee of 250 for a year (for those of you not from Brooklyn this is phenomenal, Ballys colsts like a 1000) and i since there was little classes senior year i got to be there all week for hours doing swimming, running, basketball, boxing and free weights.

Onyway university rolled around and after the next gym i joined got so packed i couldnt get on a machine without waiting 20 minutes i signed up to wing tsun. I've noticed some people aren't fans of wing chun overall and some dont like WT in particular but i had a great instructor and a small class of commited students so we were always sparring and grappling. My instructor had taken several martial arts styles as did alot of the students some of whom were cross training and there were times when we learned how certain moved (locks, takedowns) from other styles work and then how to defend. Often we would stay after class and just grapple. We had a few guys from sambo and brazilian ju jitsu so grappling was pretty diverse.

Unfortunately i had to leave the WT school because my new college schedule for junior year would only allow me to go to one class a week and i had to find something new and close to home so i took up judo. Let me tell you it is hard to find a good school around nyc. Before i found wing tsun i visited an akido school (i know i know) with my friend and watched a class. They spent an hour with one partner running around the other while clinging to his belt and that latter sticking out his hand to make the attacker fall. Sure, balance, timing blah blah blah but my friend asks, why on earth would he try to grab your belt.? The answer i get is that this is an age old system used by samurai and the guy is trying to grab your sword....there is no practical aplication of this (i asked about self defense) and they only teach the "art". They told me this after scoffing at me for mentioning that samurai beat the crap out of eachother all the time and probably had a better system than dont grab my sword. It was only later that i found out this was created in the late 19th century by the time that samurai were in decline especially their swords giving way to european rifles.

Anyway coming to the WT school was a breath of fresh air since from the first day we sparred freely and i learned alot of things i still use. Judo was also a pleasant surprise since it is so competition intensive and you have to randori from the first day...i had a 13 year old girl, albiet a national champion, toss me like a rag doll and realized that this was something i wanted to do. Fortunately for me the reflex training from WT paid off big time because whenever they go in for the foot sweep or reap during randori, i give and step in frustrating the hell out of them and they usually need to be holding my arm to throw me.

well thats my martial arts journey =)
i realize i wrote a big thread but i aways enjoy when you guys post big stories about your MA experience so i guess i'm catering to the likeminded but hey, itll give you something to do at work. i was gonna have a tournament mov 5th but i had to have foot surgery so i guess il have to wait for the next one, looking forward to hearing from you fellas!

10/13/2006 11:12pm,
ummm, just a bit of advice....perhaps you should edit yoru post and break that up into paragraphs, capitalize the first letter of sentencees, and go easy on the run-ons. I don't mean to be a grammar teach, but that's damn hard to read.

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did my best =)

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that helps immensely